How Many War Games?

Hey Scott–

With Ciampa's statement that "he's going to war", you can take that in two ways: Cole defends the title against Ciampa at the PPV, or Undisputed Era is involved in a War Games match against a team Ciampa puts together, giving us two such matches when you factor in the women.

If it's the latter, is that too much? I'm in that crusty camp (as opposed to Kamp Krusty) that feels it's forced to even have a PPV named after a certain style of match, forcing that match to take place as opposed to building it organically. I'm also having flashbacks to the darkest days of the Hell in a Cell PPV when WWE would shoehorn THREE cell matches in, completely eradicating anything special about the stipulation.

How 'bout it? Two WG matches okay, or should it be the domain of the women this year, with the UE boys having to defend their titles?

I definitely think that they should let the women folk shine there, especially since Survivor Series is going to be another mess of no title matches and inter brand wackiness.