AEW option for ROH tape library?

Hey Scott,

If the Khan's are serious about running a promotion, why wouldn't they buy up the ROH tape library if it becomes available? It contains years of footage on at least 10 members of their current roster as well as likely future signings. Since WWE's standard purchase price is well known, couldn't AEW easily outbid them?

Man, people are really writing off ROH early here.  
1.  AEW has shown no indication of wanting a streaming service or even physical media releases.  
2.  ROH can probably survive for a long time by selling their DVDs or streaming their content even if the Sinclair gravy train dries up.  They built the company on that model already.  
3.  Really, we’d all rather WWE just get all the footage and put it on the Network.  I’d rather have them tending to history because I know they’ll preserve it and won’t go out of business.