What about Sting’s role in the Starrcade’s debacle?

Greetings Scott,

I was reading your rants like 20 years ago, when I was still in college. Can’t believe you’re still kicking around man!

I just read your Starrcade 97 rant. You know, the one with Hogan winning over Sting with a ‘’fast’’ count. During that match, Hogan basically dominated Sting from beginning to the end. You wrote that Hogan had tougher matches with jobbers. You noticed that the pseudo fast count was a moot point since Sting never actually kicked out. He layed motionless after the big boot and leg drop combo for a good 30 seconds.

My question: yes, the booking was horrible and the show ruined because of Hogan gigantic ego. But didn’t Sting had a responsability in that debacle too? He let Hogan dominated him during the entire match instead of jumping on him like the 18 months build would have dictated. He sold the legdrop like it was the most devastating thing in the world. Regardless of the ending, he basically let Hogan had his match.

Very true, but in all fairness, Hogan is a genius politician who likely convinced the laid-back Sting that this would be the best way to work the match.