Monday Night Raw – November 4, 2019

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 4, 2019
Location: Nassau Coliseum, New York City, New York
Commentators: Dio Maddin, Jerry Lawler, Vic Joseph

It’s going to be a big night around here we have the fallout from the Saudi Arabian show, the fallout from the NXT invasion on Smackdown, and Brock Lesnar is hunting Mysterios. I’m not sure what expect from this show, save for some praise for the great hosts in Saudi Arabia and a rushed build towards Survivor Series. Let’s get to it.

A trio of black SUVs pulls up in the back. HHH gets out of one and says something to someone in the back of another.

Opening sequence.

Here are an annoyed looking Lesnar and Heyman to open the ring. Heyman explains Lesnar quitting and THEY’RE ACTUALLY EXPLAINING THE WAY OUT. The week of the Draft, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were sent to Smackdown for future considerations and here’s Lesnar as those future considerations. Heyman makes it clear that Lesnar is better than everyone here and wants to know where Mysterio is so either get out here or Brock will go slap everyone in this audience. Tonight, someone is going to say where Mysterio is so Lesnar can destroy him. Heyman gives Rey’s career the last rites and they’re out.

In the back, Brock looks for Rey and beats up a backstage worker for not answering fast enough. Post break another backstage guy says Rey is in that car over there so Brock breaks into a car to find….not Rey. Brock breaks the door to vent some frustration.

Video on Lacey Evans vs. Natalya in Saudi Arabia and how amazing WWE is for making it happen.

Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte/Natalya

Non-title. Natalya gives Sane a spinning slam for one to start and it’s off to Charlotte and Asuka. The champs are sent outside and we take a break. Back with Natalya getting posted and chinlocked as we look at Asuka misting Paige last week. Sane kicks her down for two but Natalya kicks her way to freedom and brings in Charlotte to clean house. There’s a fall away slam and the never good sign of shouting COME ON to the fans.

Natural Selection hits Sane but Asuka puts the foot on the rope at two. The Warriors are laid next to each other inside and Charlotte moonsaults onto both of them for two with Asuka rolling in to kick the referee for….the save instead of the DQ as I think Asuka missed. Back from another break with Natalya and Charlotte inches apart for about ten seconds but not being able to get the tag…..because Sane isn’t in place to break it off.

That looked HORRIBLE, to the point where I thought Natalya was turning on her by not making the tag. Then, just because of course this is what they were going for, Charlotte stops a charge in the corner by raising a boot and the tag goes through thirty seconds later. Good grief. Anyway Natalya gets caught in the cross armbreaker but reverses into the Sharpshooter until Sane makes the save with a Codebreaker. Charlotte spears Sane down so the Sharpshooter can make Asuka tap at 18:07.

Rating: D+. Ignoring the champions losing clean in a tag match to set up a title match, ignoring ANOTHER attempt to push Natalya and ignoring Asuka tapping, that tag spot was one of the stupidest things I can remember seeing WWE do in years. Was that one spot, of Sane running into a boot in the corner, THAT important that they had to throw out any semblance of taking this match seriously and making it look realistic? All four of these women should know better and it looked like something that would get a developmental match stopped so the trainers could yell at them. Completely unacceptable on all levels.

Immediately after the match, Lesnar and Heyman come out to demand Mysterio’s whereabouts from commentary. Heyman says Lawler knows everything going around here so either say where Mysterio is or Lesnar will kill him and there will be no bringing him back to life this time. Maddin gets up and stares Lesnar down, earning himself an F5 through the table. Cue Mysterio with a pipe to whack Lesnar in the knees over and over. A running belt shot leaves Brock laying.

During the break, Lesnar couldn’t stand and nearly crawled to the back.

Rey says he’s fighting fire with fire and coming for the WWE Championship. The challenge is on for Survivor Series.

Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander

Neither gets an entrance. Alexander anklescissors him down to start so Murphy knocks him down and grabs the armbar. The hold stays on for a good while until Cedric fights up and knocks him outside for the suicide dive. The big flip dive makes it worse and the springboard Downward Spiral gets two. Murphy’s Law is countered into a victory roll for two, followed by the Michinoku Driver for the same. Alexander’s handspring elbow is cut off with a jumping knee to the back and Murphy’s Law is good for the pin at 5:33.

Rating: C. Well it didn’t have anything that made me want to scream at the TV and the champs didn’t lose so we’ll call this an upgrade. This was the Cliff Notes version of what these two are capable of due to the sake of time but at least Murphy won a match for the first time in what feels like forever.

We look at the NXT invasion on Smackdown.

Here’s Seth Rollins for a chat. He lost to the Fiend at Crown Jewel but that doesn’t concern him. What concerns him is that the Fiend took the title to Smackdown and now Brock Lesnar is back. That means no one is going to get a shot for a long time but Rollins isn’t sure if he can start from scratch again. For the first time in a long time, he isn’t sure what he’s doing.

Cue HHH and the NXT chants are on. HHH finds it interesting that whenever Rollins doesn’t know what’s next, their paths cross. Maybe Rollins’ past is his future. HHH talks about their history together, including Rollins being the first NXT Champion. Rollins asks if all of that success was for HHH or himself, so HHH points out that Rollins always came out as champion. HHH talks about what NXT did on Friday, including Adam Cole pinning Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring.

Survivor Series is coming up and NXT is going to be involved. Rollins can either be with HHH or against him. The fans see someone coming in from the crowd and we’ve got the Undisputed Era. They stay on the apron as HHH asks which side Rollins is on. Cue the OC so the Era bails but Damian Priest and Dominick Dijakovic come in to help them with the beatdown. Erick Rowan, R-Truth, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder make the save as Rollins isn’t sure what to do. If he’s still confused about having Ryder and Hawkins make the save, he’s in over his head.

Post break, Rollins comes up to HHH and says if HHH wants him on Wednesdays, he’s coming in on the top guy. Tonight, he wants Adam Cole for the NXT Title. The match is made.

Zelina Vega/Andrade vs. Carolina/Sin Cara

Before the match, Vega says Carolina has to hide behind a mask while Cara pretends he could ever beat Andrade. Commentary says Catalina but the name graphic says Carolina. That doesn’t bode well for her future. Andrade charges at him to start but gets sent outside, only to have Vega grab the leg to block the dive. Caro/Catalina hits a dive off the apron to take Andrade down and we take a break.

Back with Andrade putting him on top but getting sunset bombed right back down. Carolina comes in and crossbodies Vega’s knees (How can you go low on someone barely five feet tall?), followed by a faceplant fro two. Vega breaks up Cara’s dive so Carolina hits a Gory Bomb, allowing Cara to hit the dive. That leaves Vega to send her face first into the buckle, setting up a hurricanrana driver for the pin at 7:26.

Rating: C-. Could have been worse but that is likely it for Carolina for the time being. I’m not sure how bright of a future she had in the first place but her stuff didn’t look great here and she got pinned clean by a manager. They did keep it short though and Andrade’s team won so well done on giving him a boost. Now it’s time to move on to something else and that has always been an issue for Andrade so far.

We recap Lana/Rusev/Bobby Lashley.

Here’s Rusev for a chat. He’s ready to put an end to all of this drama so tonight he’s here for Bob Lashley. If Lashley wants Lana, she’s all his, but Lashley is all his. Cue Lashley on crutches to say that he has a torn groin due to some….things….with Lana. Since Lashley can’t do anything at the moment, Lana has someone else to fight in Lashley’s place.

Rusev vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre headbutts him in a hurry and it’s an early headbutt to put Rusev down. Rusev fights out of the corner and stomps away, eventually throwing McIntyre outside as we take a break. Back with Rusev fighting out of an armbar and hitting some running shoulders in the corner. Stereo crossbodies give us a double knockdown and they fight to the floor. Rusev sends him back first into the steps, only to have Lashley run down and hit Rusev in the back with the crutch for the DQ at 9:40.

Rating: D+. I was surprised by how uninteresting this was, though it didn’t help that they telegraphed the ending with Lashley staying on the ramp. Lashley faking an injury is fine, but the match itself felt very slow. I don’t think McIntyre is going to be involved in this long term and that’s probably best for everyone involved.

Post match McIntyre leaves and Rusev fights back on Lashley. Rusev picks up the crutch….and gets the RKO from Randy Orton. The beatdown is on but Ricochet runs in for the save, including knocking Lashley off the apron and into Lana, who has to be carried out.

Becky Lynch gets a sitdown interview to talk about her upcoming triple threat match at Survivor Series against Bayley and Shayna Baszler. She talks about how important Survivor Series can be but here’s Shayna to interfere. Shayna has been wanting to meet her face to face for a long time now and she isn’t taking her eyes off of Becky at Survivor Series.

All Becky has to think about until Survivor Series is which limb is going to Baszler. Becky hasn’t figured out if she should respect Shayna or take her head off. At Survivor Series, she’ll have her eyes on Bayley and Baszler at the same time. They stare each other down and say it was nice to meet. Good segment, though you can almost pencil Bayley in for the win from here.

OC vs. Street Profits/Humberto Carrillo

The trophy the OC won at Crown Jewel is at ringside and AJ goes on a rant about being awesome. The next time he sees one of those NXT punks, he’s knocking their head off. Hang on though as the Profits bring up that the OC have the trophy, but the Street Profits beat them two weeks ago. AJ: “Shut your mouth!” Tonight, it’s time to swipe left on the OC because the Profits are coming.

Joined in progress with Dawkins coming in to stay on AJ’s arm. Anderson comes in and gets slammed down, allowing Ford to grab an armbar with a flick of the tongue. Ford goes after Gallows though and gets knocked outside by Anderson. AJ gets in a few shots of his own until Ford dropkicks his way to freedom.

It’s too early for the tag though as Gallows boots him down and the beating continues. The chinlock goes on and we take a break. Back with Ford hitting a Blockbuster and making the tag off to Carrillo for a Disaster Kick on AJ. Everything breaks down and Ford hits the big running flip dive. Carrillo goes after AJ and breaks up the Phenomenal Forearm, only to have Styles roll him up for the pin with feet on the ropes at 11:35.

Rating: C. So remember last month when we did something similar with the War Raiders and Cedric Alexander? They’re doing a good job of keeping AJ strong over the lower level challengers, which will help him even more when he gets a bigger challenger. That’s how you make a title mean something and I’ll absolutely take this over just having him stand around holding the title without doing anything.

We recap Lesnar’s path of rage and pope to the knees tonight.

Mysterio vs. Lesnar for the title is set for Survivor Series.

Viking Raiders vs. East Hampton Polo Boys

Ivar’s frog splash for the pin at 1:00.

Post match the Raiders talk about losing to the OC and warn them that revenge is coming.

NXT Title: Adam Cole vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins is defending and Cole is out with HHH. Cole gets driven into the corner and knocked to the floor to start, allowing Rollins to hit the slingshot dive. A few rams into the barricade take us to a break and we come back with Cole kicking him in the face. An enziguri staggers Rollins but he’s right back with the low superkick for two. Rollins goes up top but dives into a heck of a superkick for two more.

The middle rope Canadian Destroyer is blocked and Rollins kicks him down again. Rollins loads up the Falcon Arrow but gets reversed into the brainbuster onto the knee. The double clothesline puts both of them down until Cole heads up top. That means the superplex into the Falcon Arrow and they’re both down again. Rollins loads up the Stomp…and it’s the Undisputed Era for the DQ at 12:30.

Rating: B. You could feel the interference here but that’s the logical way to go here as you have stable mates for just such a situation. The match was as entertaining as you would have expected from these two and it makes sense to not have Rollins take the title here. If nothing else, Cole hung with Rollins for a match that got a little time, which is how you make someone look good in an invasion like this.

Post match the NXT and Raw locker rooms come out for the huge brawl with NXT getting the better of it due to the numbers advantage. Ricochet hits the big springboard shooting star onto the pile and everyone is down. Keith Lee one ups Ricochet with the huge flip dive to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. I wasn’t feeling some of the wrestling in the middle but they did some stuff to set up Survivor Series (including the amazingly logical explanation for Lesnar moving to Raw), which now has a large card. You can imagine a triple threat Survivor Series elimination match as well, which could go on very long but be interesting at the same time. Now just keep up the momentum you have going into the rest of the week and then on the way to Chicago.


Natalya/Charlotte b. Kabuki Warriors – Sharpshooter to Asuka

Buddy Murphy b. Cedric Alexander – Murphy’s Law

Andrade/Zelina Vega b. Sin Cara/Carolina – Hurricanrana driver to Carolina

Rusev b. Drew McIntyre via DQ when Bobby Lashley interfered

OC b. Humberto Carrillo/Street Profits – Rollup with feet on the ropes to Carrillo

Viking Raiders b. East Hampton Polo Boys – Frog splash to #1

Seth Rollins b. Adam Cole via DQ when the Undisputed Era interfered

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