WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 5 — CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE

We made it!  Which is more than I can say for the WWE talent.  (rimshot)

So my usual pattern has been to put a SmackDown Live preview in this part of the post, but that’s not happening.  For reasons nobody really knows but everyone on earth is speculating about, the people who performed at Allahween Havoc had a 24-hour delay in their flight.  Apparently what happens in Jeddah stays in Jeddah, as does whoever did it.

Given the number of people who worked that show, the folks still on our side of the Atlantic are not too numerous.  Which means we’re in for a wild ride.  To be fair, according to reports, a few main eventers were airlifted out of the country quickly, and there’s a group of other wrestlers who tried to but are currently somewhere around Greenland right now.  Who’s in what plane at this point is unclear.  What is clear is that some people who didn’t make the trip at all — Bryan and Miz most notably — will stem the tide.  But when Dana Brooke is one of the big names you have to advertise, it’s clear you’re working light.

On the plus side, now Vince has an excuse to rip up the show platform and rewrite it on a cocaine bender.  He normally does that just to keep in practice!

If this chaos sounds like something you’d rather DVR, live sports can be found as well.  ESPN has an NBA doubleheader: Rockets/Nets, then Lakers/Mavericks.  If you want football, ESPN2 has Navy traveling to Hartford to face Connecticut.  And speaking of college football, Jerry Lawler has confirmed he’s been invited as the Special Guest Picker for College GameDay live from Memphis!  His first appearance should be around 11:30 ET on ESPN tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend!  Keep it clean and come out swinging!