What AEW did with the World title that they did NOT do with the tag titles

First of all, I fucking loved Dynamite this week – for me it was finally that elusive perfect mix of good wrestling, hot interviews, and exciting angles. Everything meant something. Everything was entertaining.

However, I was disappointed like just about everyone when Lucha Bros didn’t get the tag titles, and I think it shows a fundamental error in the booking philosophy – using the titles to elevate the weaker, less over team rather than demonstrate the stronger, most over one. Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks are the hottest, best, and most over acts in the division, but instead we have (admittedly, still damn good) SCU getting the nod in what seems like an attempt to make Scorpio Sky. 

I get that, but to me that feels like if they’d put the title on Adam Page instead of Jericho. Sure, it would’ve elevated Page, but we would’ve been deprived of Jericho (the best and most over) as champion, and I think we can all agree that AEW made the right call by going with the big star as champion. 

The biggest star should get the belt – not who you hope becomes the biggest star somewhere way down the line. 
100% agree.  WCW used to be really bad for that by putting the TV title on guys like Ultimo Dragon or Alex Wright hoping to elevate them, and it never worked.  Granted not quite the same situation, but AEW really needed to establish the titles as a main event deal right out of the gate, and I don't think SCU (who were introduced as opening match guys) are going to do that.  It should have been either the Bucks or Lucha Brothers, period.