Just So We’re Clear…

Vince enlarged himself with money from a dictator. Vince allegedly has disagreements with the people running the show. Yet Vince gets to fly home on his own, while the talent gets shipped off to a hotel, hoping they don't say anything that makes the Saudi prince send thugs wielding bonesaws after them.

Fuck everything about this. Let us all pray the XFL dies a hot flaming death and costs the McMahon family tens of millions.

We really don’t know anything but rumors at this point.  Maybe it’s mechanical or maybe a business disagreement but either way Vince has at the very least never been the type of person who would abandon his circus animals in that kind of situation.  I do reserve the right to feel like Vince can get stuffed later based on how it shakes down, but for now hopefully everyone gets home safe and they can deal with the repercussions later.