What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – October 28, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes are calling the action and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, the matches on this show were taped on September 27, October 11, and October 25.

Opening Contest:  Paul Orndorff (20-8) pins Todd Morton after a piledriver at 3:31:

Since Orndorff broke his mirror a couple of weeks ago he is suffering from a string of bad luck, evidenced by Morton getting a sloppy O’Connor roll and landing a few dropkicks in the early going.  Morton scores another near-fall after a hiptoss but he misses another dropkick attempt and Orndorff wastes no time hitting the piledriver to prevail.  Orndorff cries out that he needs Gary Spivey upon the conclusion of the match.

Eddy Guerrero (2-2-2) pins Joey Maggs after a frog splash at 2:00:

This is Guerrero’s first squash match despite debuting two months ago.  He drops Maggs like a bad habit with a brainbuster and he finishes with the frog splash.  After the match, Teddy Long is shown shaking his head and Schiavone says that Guerrero wants a third match against Dean Malenko.

Mr. J.L. (0-1) beats Barry Houston after a sit out powerbomb at 4:05:

J.L. has a match against Sabu scheduled for Halloween Havoc so this is a chance to build him for the pay-per-view.  Houston shows some of his cruiserweight potential, doing a springboard reverse flying body press to J.L. on the arena floor.  J.L. nearly falls off the ropes when doing a springboard splash of his own, a move that nearly misses Houston completely.  Houston nearly wins the match with a Northern lights suplex but the jobber gets caught with a sit out powerbomb.

V.K. Wallstreet (2-1) pins Chuck Williams after the Stock Market Crash at 2:24:

WCW needs to work on more definitive entrance themes as a lot of guys have generic rock beats.  That includes Eddy Guerrero, Mr. J.L., and Wallstreet, all of whom have similar-sounding music.  Wallstreet beats on Williams for a while and it takes two attempts to do his Samoan Drop finisher, which was later called the Stock Market Crash.  It is a weak finisher and Rotunda would have been better served doing the flying clothesline off the ropes that he used as IRS in the WWF.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match:  Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) (46-8-3) defeat the American Males (Champions) (10-0) when Stevie Ray pins Marcus Bagwell after a Booker T axe kick to win the titles at 6:06:

The Males ring attire is hideous, with Bagwell and Scotty Riggs wearing jean shorts and a spandex top.  Dusty laughs at this, saying that the Males are wearing this gear because that is “what men of the 90s wear.”  He implores Schiavone to wear that clothing style with him next week, but Schiavone declines.  The Heat are motivated, working over Riggs with quick tags and powerful striking moves.  Bagwell gets the hot tag and hits the fisherman’s suplex on Ray after a stiff kick to the chest.  Booker T breaks that up and an O’Connor roll effort by Bagwell allows Sherri to rake his eyes behind the referee’s back, with Booker blasting Bagwell with an axe kick and allowing the Heat to win the tag team titles for the fourth time.  The Center Stage crowd pops for the finish, showing that men and boys of all colors and creeds hate the Males with a passion.  The Males would keep teaming for another year but never sniffed the tag team titles again.  Rating:  **

Gene Okerlund interviews Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri.  They gloat about their victory, with Booker T saying that the Heat will gladly defend the titles against all comers.

Road Warrior Hawk (6-1-1) pins Bobby Starr after a flying clothesline at 2:14:

Hawk starts the squash with a gorilla press slam and then pounds on Starr before mercifully finishing him off with the flying clothesline.  Hawk has a three-match winning streak going into Halloween Havoc.

The Renegade (w/Jimmy Hart) (23-1) pins an Unnamed Jobber after a Renegade Splash in 44 seconds:

The jobber tries to attack the Renegade before the bell, but he gets beat in less than a minute anyway.  Having seen Hawk-Renegade matches back-to-back, it would not have been the worst idea to put them into a team as an evolution of the Road Warriors.

Okerlund interviews Randy Savage, who says it will be tough to defeat Kamala at Halloween Havoc because the Zodiac will be on the outside of the ring.

Ric Flair & Sting (1-0) beat the State Patrol (1-6) when Sting submits Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker with the Scorpion Deathlock at 4:15:

The State Patrol get four minutes too long in this match, which should have been a quick squash for Flair and Sting since they are much bigger stars.  Sting is a good sport taking a slam and elbow drop off the ropes from the members of the State Patrol, but he triggers his own comeback without needing to hot tag Flair and submits Parker.  Rating:  ½*

Okerlund interviews Flair and Sting, with Flair saying Sting put him back on the map and has helped him recover his career.  Sting fires Flair up and they scream a lot to end the segment.

Lex Luger (3-2) defeats the Shark (w/Kevin Sullivan) (4-2) when Meng interferes at 8:39:

Like his match against the Zodiac on WCW Pro earlier in the day, this match is supposed to show that Luger does not have ties to the Dungeon of Doom.  It proves the opposite, though, as Sullivan refuses to give the Shark adequate advice and refuses to attack Luger when he is tossed to the floor.  Luger pops the crowd by suplexing the Shark but his subsequent bodyslam effort fails.  That lets the Shark slowly work the back, but he is betrayed by his own faction as Meng comes out and kicks Shark in the back of the head, allowing Luger to prevail.  As Sullivan leaves, he mouths “See you tomorrow” to Luger.  If the Shark remains part of the Dungeon after this, he is an idiot.  Rating:  *

Okerlund interviews Luger, who says he will beat Meng at Halloween Havoc.  He blows off the idea that he is working with the Dungeon of Doom and promises to put Randy Savage in the torture rack tomorrow night in Detroit.

WCW Champion Hulk Hogan does a taped promo in the Dungeon of Doom, who do not seem to care that he is squatting in their space.  After mocking the Master, he says he will strike the Giant down with “one python hit” at Halloween Havoc.  He also says he does not fear the Yeti because he is immortal and that he will beat a giant for the second time in Detroit.

The Last Word:  There was a lot of wrestling on this show, although the first hour had all the interesting stuff.  Lex Luger’s supposed alliance with the Dungeon of Doom is interesting if the company wants to groom him for another match with Hulk Hogan, but it is also making the feud with Randy Savage incredibly complicated.  For example, are we to assume Meng will just lay down for Luger at Halloween Havoc while Savage will face a longer, stiffer test from Kamala?  And if the intention was for Luger and Savage to face off so that Hogan’s supposed allies are weakened at Halloween Havoc why would they care if Luger prevailed anyway?

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