NWA Powerrr – bad workrate?

Hey, Scott. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the show (as I am), but is it just me or are the actual matches the worst aspect of the show so far?

There is a great amount of funny vignettes and natural-sounding, passionate interviews, and the look of the show is charming and unique, but once the bell rings we see how short the promotion is on really great workers. The women are plainly awful, the younger guys (like Royce Isaacs, for instance) look either really green and inexperienced or just not all that special in-ring, and the vets are mostly guys who weren’t even great workers when they were in their primes *ten years ago*. What we get as a result is a mostly quiet crowd for large portions of the matches.

I almost feel that in a perfect world, fusing AEW (where I think the work is good-great, but the ratio of wrestling to non-wrestling segments is disproportionately high) with this new NWA product would produce the best wrestling product we’ve seen in twenty years – maybe ever. 
Maybe, but I'm not really watching NWA Powerrr for great matches anyway.  It's inaccurate to say that everything should be "no-nonsense" wrestling all the time in the eyes of people like myself, when really what we're looking for is an appropriate amount of nonsense, which is what Powerrr provides.  Granted, the women's division is terrible and probably doesn't need to be there, but I've got no problem with a relatively weak in-ring product as long as a story is being told.  Great wrestling won't necessarily compel me to watch every week, but wanting to find out who challenges Nick Aldis for the title at the PPV will.