WWF All-American Wrestling – June 26th, 1994

June 26, 1994

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Polo


Polo talks about how he now likes his shaved face then said he was not surprised by Jim Neidhart’s return because he is always in the know. He lets us know that Diesel is irate over what happened in the Title match. Gorilla then tells us no one knows this but that Davey Boy Smith became all bent out of shape and called the “hotline” and is now reinstated in the WWF as part of the Hart Attack tour. Pretty big to hear that Davey will be returning to the WWF. At the time, it was reported by Wade Keller in the “Pro Wrestling Torch” that he was just signed specifically for this tour and not planned to wrestle in the United States.


The Undertaker defeats PJ Walker from the 6/25 edition of “Superstars.”


Back in the studio as Gorilla runs down the dates of the Hart Attack tour over in Europe. It starts in the beginning of September.


Doink defeats Trevor Caddell from the 6/26 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The WWF New Generation ad airs.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Jim Powers

This is an exclusive match. It took place at the 6/21 “Superstars” tapings in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Powers runs over Kwang then uses a hip toss and hits a slam. Powers then clotheslines Kwang over the top rope but Kwang comes right back in and goes on the attack. Powers slides underneath Kwang gets two with a rollup after his sunset flip attempt failed. Powers runs outside and Kwang catches him with a thrust kick then Kwang spits his mist into the air before working a nerve hold. Powers avoids an attack in the corner then uses ten turnbuckle smashes as the announcers talk about King of the Ring. Powers runs wild and hits a knee lift for a two count. Small package gets two. Backslide gets two. Powers uses a leapfrog but turns around and gets hit with a spinning heel kick as Kwang picks up the win (3:27) *.

Thoughts: This wasn’t terrible and Powers looked motivated and like he was trying to get a job but Kwang did not seem too interested in this match. Anyway, this was the rare exclusive match on a 1994 All-American show.


The hosts talk about Lex Luger’s involvement in the King of the Ring Tag Team Title match then the Jerry Lawler vs. Roddy Piper match.


Roddy Piper’s Bottom Line is next. We are at Piper’s Transmission shop where a shop owner yells at Lawler, played by Piper, who is cuffed to a bathroom sink and plunging the toilet. Some real high concept comedy here. After that high concept comedy we then see Piper shirtless at home and drinking a beer. Piper sarcastically says he doesn’t feel good because Lawler does not want to play anymore. He also talks about seeing Lawler wearing sunglasses on “Superstars” and how Typhoon is a nice guy but not to mess with his bananas. He then says its fitting SummerSlam is in Chicago because Jim Cornette is a bag of wind then this ends. This was a waste of time. Bruce Prichard said in his podcast that these segments came out when Piper would film 20+ minute ramblings of himself on his camcorder and that the WWF would have to edit it down to a couple of minutes to use on TV.


Diesel defeats Mark Thomas from the 6/20 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


We then see a replay of the Yokozuna/Typhoon confrontation from RAW. Those two will be meeting during the Summer Sizzler tour.


Typhoon defeats Pierre from the 6/25 edition of “Superstars.”


Polo now acts quiet and uses a remote to show us what happened on the King’s Court but Gorilla shuts it off and tells Polo he is nuts. Gorilla then adds how he already said the WWF will never show this again. Gorilla then says “us at the WWF do not condone these types of activities.”


Well Dunn defeat John Paul & Gary Sabaugh from the 6/25 edition of “Superstars.”


Final Thoughts: We had an exclusive match, even if it wasn’t anything special, and the news of Davey Boy Smith being reinstated was big. However, the Piper segment stunk. But the other news was I believe this was the final Gorilla/Polo pairing on All-American. I do not have a copy of the next show but on 7/10 we have a new host so I will recap that episode. Too bad as Gorilla and Polo made a nice pairing but ratings were not strong, likely due to the dated concept of the show.