Remember When….

….before the internet really drew back the curtains and exposed the machinations backstage? I mean, kayfabe is certainly dead in 2019, but for those fans old enough to remember a time when we knew nothing about the backstage politics and we just enjoyed wrestling for what it was: escapism.

Now it seems everyone is following Meltzer or Bixenspan on Twitter and is much more interested in who is pissed off with whom backstage and other stories.

I mean, Yay Evolution. But at the cost of how much escapism?

That’s nonsense.  I can read all about the behind the scenes Twitter drama of the Riverdale cast and still enjoy the show for the batshit crazy train wreck that it is every week.  I mean, Edgar Evernever’s big plan was escaping on a LITERAL ROCKET SHIP.  And Alice had to shoot him to prevent it!  What even is that?!?