Kevin Dunn & The Munsters

Here's an example of how a lay person like me can realize when little changes in camera work can make a big difference. I was watching an episode of The Munsters when he becomes a wrestler. To open the match, the camera is tight on the ring announcer and then pans back towards the near corner to bring one of the wrestlers into the shot. Super simple but boy did I notice that it just felt a little different. 

(I know you don't like DailyMotion links but I found it there at 11:20

Just to clarify here, I don't like embedded video from any source that's not the original copyright holder because it counts as a copyright strike against me personally and Google de-monetizes the page. It's happened to me a couple of times, especially since WWE started getting really bitchy about people using their content on YouTube. A link to something, however, is less offensive because I'm not putting ads on it directly. However, I normally prefer just to avoid the whole situation entirely and err on the conservative side.