WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 4 — PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKEOUT

We’ve made it!

Welcome to SmackDown on FOX as our main event for tonight is… Zack Greinke vs Anibal Sanchez!?  Wait, that can’t be right….

*checks notes*

…oh, yeah, SmackDown this week is running into the World Series, so it’s been punted over to FS1.

Anyway, the big story coming into this is that any hope you had for a Kofi Kingston singles run is dead now that Xavier Woods is injured.  There’s no way they would break up New Day, so Kofi has to fall back and take his place.  It’s worse because I think the fans see the writing on the wall and they’ve given up on him too.  That said, Kofi and Big E are scheduled to face The Revival tonight.

Elsewhere, Nikki Cross will be in action against Mandy Rose.  After Cross’ six-pack challenge win, she is scheduled to face The New And Allegedly Improved Bayley at some point for their Women’s Championship.  But Cross doesn’t really feel like a challenge yet.  This is one time when “building momentum” actually makes sense, if only the phrase weren’t so overused it lost all meaning.

Of course, your true main event on SmackDown is the buildup to Allahween Havoc.  We’ll have a face-to-face staredown thingy go down between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez, just to remind you that being a wrestling lifer is actually horrible and a true sign of greatness is being able to do more than just wrestle.  Oh hey, Vince, almost didn’t see you over there.

In addition, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will yell at each other on MizTV.

All of this can be found on FS1, because as mentioned, the Nationals (2) and Astros (0) meet on FOX in the World Series.  Meanwhile, ESPN has the NBA doubleheader of Mavericks/Pelicans and Jazz/Lakers.  In addition, Southern Cal and Colorado meet in Pac-12 After Dark.

Enjoy the weekend and keep it clean, guys.