Pro Wrestling EVE – Check Yourself


Tonight, we’ve going to crown new tag team champs here in the Resistance Gallery, as the mighty ass-kicking ladies of EVE are back! Also, for the first time since her retirement, Kris Wolf is back in the house, so I’m sure that will lead to a lot of tasteful storytelling. Tasty, tasty storytelling. Let’s go!

PRO WRESTLING EVE – CHECK YOURSELF – The Resistance Gallery – October 12th, 2019

And the first thing we see is the symbol and chyron for Kris, who makes her way to the ring and promptly climbs on Emily. In almost any other context, that sentence makes no sense, but for the erstwhile Kris Wolf, it’s pretty much the least innocuous thing she’s going to do tonight.

“Hi!” sayeth Kris. She says that Dann messaged her and told her she could do what she wants, so she’d like to see some wrestling, some butts, and all the crowd’s beautiful faces! I also like butts. And wrestling. And hey, this crowd isn’t bad, so we’re three for three! She hands the mic back to Emily and curls up at Emily’s feet. Then spanks her. Ah, Pro Wrestling EVE. You’re truly unique in so many ways.

Emily goes over the usual rules, no hate speech, no racism, no homophobia, no slut shaming, etc. Kris seems a bit confused at that last until Emily asks if she’s a confident lady who likes to have sex, and it turns out that Kris is very much that type of confident lady. You may be on camera, so if you’re on the run from the law, please pull your shirt over your face. Emily demonstrates that technique in case you need it, but for now, let’s start the show!

I cracked up WAY too much at all this, but I miss Kris and I’m a weak man.

Up first, we’ve got a semi-final match in the tournament to crown NEW EVE tag team champs! So let’s get started with our first team, as Rhia O’Reilly and Livvii Grace make their way to ringside. We’ve got Dann Read and Leah Owens on commentary tonight and they note the negative reaction for the EVE champ. And their opponents are Mercedes Martinez and Laura Di Matteo! Oh, this could be quite fun.

Rhia O’Reilly/Livvii Grace vs Laura Di Matteo/Mercedes Martinez – EVE tag title tournament, Semi-Final

The heels attack before the bell and the beatdown is on as Martinez gets tossed to the floor, and Laura gets to do what she does best; get crazy sympathy while she takes a beating. And I mean that in the best possible way, she’s an incredible face-in-peril. Livvii takes over on Laura after taking a shot at Martinez on the apron, nailing her with a clothesline. Laura fights up, but a hair pull takes her back down.

Tag to Rhia and she takes a shot at Mercedes, drawing her in and allowing the double-team as the ref escorts Martinez out. From there, they just destroy Laura, with a front rolling Fireman’s Carry and a senton as the crowd chants Laura’s name. Because the tag formula just works, man. Laura manages to escape Grace and it’s HOT TAG Mercedes, and she goes to work on both heels, dropping Rhia with a neckbreaker.

Grace back in with a neckbreaker and it’s back to a double-team on Laura so the crowd can just go even more bonkers for Di Matteo. They hit a double slam and Grace goes out to take care of Mercedes so Rhia can finish with the Rhiadjustment, but Laura slips behind her and rolls her up for the pin, causing the crowd to go into hysterics. MERCEDES MARTINEZ/LAURA DI MATTEO OVER RHIA O’REILLY/LIVVII GRACE, PINFALL, 5:38

THOUGHTS: ***. Okay, hear me out. Yes, it was a short match. Yes, I’m not all that high on Grace or really on Rhia. All of those things are true. But to me, this was about what the match was trying to accomplish. It wanted to be a hot opener to pop the crowd (check). It wanted to do a finish to get someone over on Rhia that I’m sure will be brought up again later to further a story (check). It did those things, and more to the point, it used the RIGHT people to do it with. Martinez doesn’t need to pin Rhia, because she’s done enough to get the title shot if she wants it anyway. Rhia and Livvii don’t need to win here. Laura, on the other hand, can and will use this since I expect a deep run in the SHE-1 for her; assuming she wins it, which I think she has to be the prohibitive favorite to do so, she can point to this in the lead up to Queendom and point out that she has, in fact, pinned the champ and can do it again. Overall, the work in the match was far from the point of why they were having the match in the first place – the things that came out of it were more than enough.

And can I put over Laura a bit more? She sold her ASS off out there to just get the crowd super-invested into this thing, where they were just cheering and cheering like crazy for her. I mean, damn – she is one of the babyfaciest babyfaces that ever babyfaced a babyface, and I can already see the crowd losing their goddamn minds if she wins the SHE-1 and takes that belt from Rhia. Hell, I’ll be losing my goddamn mind in my living room. She sold exactly the right amount to get enough sympathy to build to the flash pin, while not selling too much to take us out of the match by making the pin unrealistic. In short, she’s fucking awesome.

Also, EVE – if you want to give me LDM/Rhia on Queendom, I won’t turn down Mercedes Martinez/Jamie Hayter. Just saying.

Post-match, the heels no-likey this result and the 3 on 2 beatdown commences. Rhia knocks out Laura with the knee brace until Mercedes comes in to cover her up. Rhia tells us on her way back up that she doesn’t give a fuck, she’s still got the EVE title, and she’s gonna win the SHE-1. The medics come in and check on Laura, helping her to her feet as she’s got the most vacant expression in her eyes. Ricky Morton would be so proud.

And there’s the music of Nina Samuels! As usual, the crowd fucking hates her. She tells us that we’re lucky she graced us with her presence this evening, but Pro Wrestling EVE has come to their senses and have created a new intro video which features Nina Samuels. And let’s take a look at that, shall we? We do for a few moments and indeed, it does feature some of Nina’s greatest hits from EVE, but that gets interrupted by the music of Gisele Shaw! The Quintessential Diva makes her way to the ring and tells us that she was in the back just waiting and she gets Nina’s frustration – she wants to stay relevant! But there’s always going to be someone younger, faster, better – tonight, she gets a chance to redeem herself against Gisele!

Nina Samuels vs Gisele Shaw

Nina is angry and pounds away to start, but Shaw comes back with a couple of ‘ranas. She adds one while walking the ropes and goes up again, high crossbody! Nina takes advantage of a missed kick and stomps away in the corner. Snapmare into the necksnap gets two for Nina. More choking against the ropes. Dropkick gets two for Samuels. Nina slaps on a chinlock now, Shaw fights up with elbows, Nina yanks her back to the mat by the hair.

Samuels poses with her boot on the head of Gisele, then hits a clothesline for an ARROGANT COVER~! That only gets one. More beatings from Nina and we’re back to the chinlock. Shaw fights up again and this time hits a spear to take them both down. They get back to their feet and slug it out, and Shaw hits a Natural Selection for two. Shaw with a superkick for two. Samuels comes back with a reverse suplex for two.

Big boot from Nina and she tries the GTS, but Shaw escapes and hits a springboard cutter for two. Shaw can’t believe it and goes up, but Samuels cuts her off there and joins her at the top. Superplex is blocked and Gisele goes for a tornado DDT, but Nina blocks it and tries again for the GTS, only to have Gisele roll her up with a very awkward O’Connor Roll for the pin. GISELE SHAW OVER NINA SAMUELS, PINFALL, 9:47

THOUGHTS: **3/4. Really good down the stretch sequence her, but there were some dead spots in the match and the finish wasn’t smooth. Regardless, they worked a fine match here, it just wasn’t a blowaway one. It was decent, with the second half of the match being better than the first, so it ended on a high note.

Nina throws a tantrum after the match.

And now, we get the other semi-final in the EVE tag team championship tournament! Up first, it’s the Woke Queens! Debbie Keitel & Valkyrie make their way to the ring. By the by, there’s a pretty awesome match between Valkyrie and Chris Brookes that happened on the Sendai Girls show floating around out there if you can find it. You should find it. This ABBA shit’s gotta go, though.

Yeah, I said it. I’d support a totalitarian regime if the first thing they promised to do was burn all the ABBA records.

Anyway, they want da belts! They even make the gesture, so you know they mean business! But here come their opponents – out first, it’s Jinny! Crowd boos Jinny even though she’s awesome. Shut up, crowd. Bow to your queen. Jinny gets the mic and tells us that with Mercedes unavailable, she needed to pick a different partner to beat these bitches. She tells Valkyrie that she looks like a girl dressing up to try to impress the popular kids and Debbie, well, Debbie just looks like a cheap version of Jinny!

Uh, I’m about 99% sure this is a babyface promo here. And I said that Jinny would be a great babyface! I’m taking full credit for this one! It was all me….and the 4 people who read this recap! We did it!

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Jinny’s got a grin a mile wide as she tells us that a few weeks ago, she went toe to toe with someone with a lot of fire in her belly, and that impressed her, so her tag team partner is Kanji! Oh, I like this. No, I mean I LIKE this. This could go all sorts of different directions if they want, and I seem to remember a tag team that started out like this, the old-school heel and the wide-eyed babyface; Medusa something? Or they go the other way and Kanji can be the Luke to Jinny’s Vader.

Jinny/Kanji vs The Woke Queens – EVE tag title tournament, Semi-Final

Debbie and Jinny starts us off after Debbie gets fired up with her coffee. Jinny proceeds to school her like a bitch on the mat. Keitel fights up but Jinny just calmly takes her down again. Kanji tags in gets a few two counts, then tags Jinny back in and apparently morale has NOT improved, because the beatings, oh the beatings continue. Jinny just kills her with rights and tag back to Kanji, who levels Keitel with a running forearm, then quick tag back to Jinny.

Debbie finally manages to do something, and it’s a boot to the face allowing the tag to Valkyrie, and they take over Jinny with a double clothesline. Valkyrie holds the advantage for awhile, but runs into a boot from Jinny and that brings in Debbie, which brings in Kanji and it’s a mess now. Kanji with an STO and a dropkick to Debbie. Kick from Jinny drops Valkyrie and Kanji hits her with a legdrop, then a running knee from Jinny. That gets two as Dann proclaims that the referee is the worst ref for tag matches he’s ever seen. Like dude, I hear you, but watch any ref in NJPW if you think that, because they’re all way fucking worse.

Jinny goes for the Acid Rainmaker but Valkyrie makes it over to her corner for a blind tag, which allows Debbie to come in and just clobber Jinny from behind. Tag to Valkyrie and they cut the ring in half on Jinny. Because Jinny is a fucking God-tier pro wrestler, she sells like crazy for Valkyrie to put her over as she gets beaten from pillar to post. Suplex from Valkyrie gets two. Second attempt is blocked so Valkyrie slaps her, and that is what we in the sane world call a ‘mistake’; Jinny gets a smile on her face and fires away, then absolutely LEVELS her with a forearm.

And it’s hot tag Kanji and she runs wild on Valkyrie, including a 619 that, as Dann points out, should have probably been impossible due to how close she was to the wall, but she pulled it off. Kanji goes up and we get a silly sequence (but it was funny, so it gets a pass) as both Debbie and Valkyrie try to jump in front of each other to take the move off the top rope. Kanji waits for a few seconds, then just says ‘fuck it’ and jumps off with a dropkick onto both Queens! Jinny comes back in and everyone’s in the ring as it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN BETHNAL GREEN, baby!

Jinny and Kanji tee off on both Queens, including an absolutely vicious double dropkick that sends Debbie to the wall, and Kanji follows that by tripping Valkyrie (who lands on her HEAD, damn). Jinny follows that with a right that has me wincing in my chair. Good Christ. Elbow off the top by Kanji leads to a senton from Jinny, Kanji covers, 1,2, Debbie makes the save! She tosses Jinny and gets a neckbreaker on Kanji, then drags Valkyrie over to cover for two.

Tag to Debbie now and they set up for the Demolition Decapitation, but Kanji escapes and Jinny pushes Valkyrie off the top rope. Tiger suplex by Debbie on Jinny! Springboard stunner by Kanji on Debbie! Sidekick by Valkyrie on Kanji! Jinny back in, Acid Rainmaker on Valkyrie! Everyone is down! Back up and Kanji hits an enzuigiri on Debbie, Jinny follows with a facebuster off the middle ropes, moonsault by Kanji! 1, 2, Valkyrie makes the save! Pele kick by Valkyrie takes out Jinny, and now Debbie catches Kanji with a backbreaker! Valkyrie up to the top, Decapitation hits! 1, 2, 3!! THE WOKE QUEENS OVER JINNY/KANJI, PINFALL, 14:18

THOUGHTS: ****1/4. Holy SHIT, they built to that ending SO well over the course of the match. It was a tag match and it broke down into big move after big move, but the key is that they waited until the appropriate time in the match to do it. I was totally invested in this one, wanting Jinny and Kanji to win so goddamn badly. The timing was great with the saves put in exactly the right spots to send the crowd into a frenzy thinking that there might be a pin, with everyone getting shine and everyone selling like crazy to make sure that the entire match got over. This was absolutely great pro wrestling.

The Queens leave and Jinny hugs Kanji and I’m waiting for the turn, but it doesn’t come as the crowd goes absolutely batshit for them both. Jinny gets on the mic and puts over the Woke Queens and says that if they take those titles, she and Kanji are coming again to get them. YES. BOOK THE MATCH NOW. I don’t give a FUCK who wins, I want to watch this again.

Emily tells us that now, we’ve got a SHE-1 qualifier. And out first, it’s Kasey Owens! And her opponent will be none other than Little Miss Roxxy!

Kasey Owens vs Roxxy – SHE-1 Qualifier

Kasey piefaces her to start, but Roxxy comes back with a headscissors and a running forearm in the corner. More shots in the corner and a kick drop Kasey to the mat. Kasey tries a comeback, but Roxxy fires off some double knees to cut that off.

Kasey finally dropkicks the knee to slow Roxxy down, then just wears her the fuck out with kicks to the chest. Gory Stretch from Kasey is countered by Roxxy rolling through into a double stomp, so Kasey rolls out to think it over….and grab a chair, which Roxxy promptly kicks into her face. And now we’re brawling on the floor. Roxxy sits Kasey in the chair, then hits a crossbody through it. Kasey counters that by reversing an Irish Whip, sending Roxxy into the bar, and then using the chair in nefarious ways on Roxxy, including putting her head into it and slamming it down on the floor.

Back on ring apron Roxxy hits headbutt, then goes up and hits a double stomp onto Kasey on the apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring, you know. They fight up the stairs and Kasey tries to throw her off the balcony, Roxxy blocks and tries a toss of her own, but Kasey blocks that and slaps on an armbar while HANGING OVER THE SIDE OF THE BALCONY. YIKES.

They finally make their way back to the ring, and a hammerlock DDT gets two for Kasey. Roxxy comes back with an STO, then slaps on the seated octopus, but Kasey makes the ropes. Kasey cuts her off and hits a crazy stiff seated dropkick for two. These two are killing each other in there. Kasey goes up but Roxxy meets her and hits a sort-of pedigree off the ropes for two, as Kasey barely gets her finger on the bottom rope. Reversal in the middle and Kasey slaps on an abdominal stretch, then showcases her knowledge of WCW/NWO Revenge, as she rolls her over for the pin from there to head to the SHE-1. KASEY OWENS OVER ROXXY, PINFALL, 9:57

THOUGHTS: ***1/4. This won over my normal cold, cold heart when it comes to hardcore wrestling because they worked their asses off out there and it came together in a decent match. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more selling of the arm from Roxxy, but they spent the appropriate amount of time on the floor for this type of match and hit some nasty moves on each other, and it somehow held together. It’s nice to see Kasey show how good she is and Roxxy was her usual reliable self when it comes to in-ring work. Overall, this one was good.

Post-match, Kasey seemingly offers the handshake, but spits on Roxxy and tosses her out of the ring instead. That’s about right.

Up next, it’s another SHE-1 qualifier. Nightshade makes her way down the steps, sending Livvii back to the top, because she’s going this one alone. And her opponent will be Angel Hayze!

Nightshade vs Angel Hayze – SHE-1 Qualifier

Lockup goes to the corner and Nightshade pats Angel on the head. Hayze comes back with a quick strike, but Nightshade laughs off subsequent strikes…..and Kris Wolf gets on the mic and asks if we want to make this a death match. She can do what she wants! Crowd wants it, so we’ve got it! Kris hands Angel a cardboard box which contains….a stuffed plush shark. “Sharks are deadly creatures!” says Dann. Oh, that’s not the only line he’s got for this match.

Angel fires away with shots from the shark, but the plush doesn’t REALLY have the desired effect. Nightshade takes her to the mat and pounds away, and now she’s got the shark! I repeat, Nightshade has the shark! She pounds away with that now, then opens the shark’s mouth and puts it over the head of Angel! Nightshade picks her up and slams her on the shark now, then hits her with it, but Angel isn’t selling this deadly creature. So Nightshade just kicks her. And now Nightshade wants more boxes, so Kris obliges, but the box is empty. So is the next one.

But the 3rd one has something in it, and it’s…..a single carrot! “Teenagers don’t like vegetables!” Dann is on a roll here. Angel fights up to avoid the deadly produce, but then bites it and spits it at Nightshade, with Dann noting that’s not cool. Kicks from Hayze, dropkick from Hayze for two. Now Hayze has another box from Kris, it’s Tito! Tito briefly looks to attack Hayze, but then the wolf head turns its attention to Nightshade! Hayze puts Tito on Nightshade’s head and sets up for a superkick, but Kris doesn’t want Tito to get hurt, so Angel gives it back to Kris, then hits a sling blade for two.

Next box and it’s the roll of barbed wire, but Angel doesn’t want to use that one and hands it back to Wolf, allowing Nightshade to take over and hit a chokebomb for two. And now Kris slides in the biggest box she has! The box is so large that Kris herself comes into the ring and disappears into it, emerging with…..well…..uh… see….

Eh, fuck it. There’s a giant black dildo in the box.

Kris holds it up proudly and tells us it’s a stick! Neither woman wants to touch Kris’ stick, much to Wolf’s chagrin, until Angel whispers something in her hear. Kris: “What’s a dildo?” Wolf waves it around and ends up hitting Nightshade! With the dildo! Nightshade takes great offense to this and grabs the dildo, throwing it out of the ring as Kris goes to fetch it.

I’ve never been prouder to recap this company more than I am at this moment.

Anyway, back in the ring, Angel takes advantage and hits Nightshade with a kick to the back of the head and gets the pin to head to the SHE-1. ANGEL HAYZE OVER NIGHTSHADE, PINFALL DUE TO DILDO DISTRACTION, 9:50

THOUGHTS: You gotta be kidding me if you think I’m going to rate this. It was tremendous. Stay at the Resistance Gallery forever, Kris. Come back to us.

Emily tries to announce the next match, but she can’t stop herself from cracking up. Finally, we get to our introductions, as we’ve got Leyla Hirsch, making her EVE debut as Dann tells us that she was recommended by Simon Gotch to the company. Her opponent will be Skye Smitson.

Leyla Hirsch vs Skye Smitson

Leyla takes her down with a single-leg and we reset as Skye goes to the ropes. They grapple on the mat and Leyla takes her over and schools her a bit. Hirsch with a dropkick and Skye bails to the floor, tope by Leyla! Again! Another attempt is blocked by Skye rolling back in and hitting a dropkick. Back to the mat as Skye blocks an armbar attempt.

Skye takes over now with right hands in the corner. She misses a splash and Hirsch hits double knees and hits a throw out of the corner for two. Skye comes back with a nice diving uppercut for two. They slug it out mid-ring and Hirsch hits a running knee for two. She comes off the ropes but gets caught by Smitson with a Sky-High for two. They fight it out again, and this time it’s a double-KO off forearms.

Hirsch goes for the armbar again, but Smitson makes the ropes and hits a beautiful superkick for two. Chokehold is countered as Leyla just levels her with a lariat, dropping Skye on her head. Hirsch goes for a moonsault, but that misses and Skye gets a Falcon Arrow for two. Smitson goes for a Dragon Sleeper but that gets countered by Leyla into a headlock takeover into a cross-armbreaker, and Skye has no escape this time. LEYLA HIRSCH OVER SKYE SMITSON, SUBMISSION, 9:16

THOUGHTS: **3/4. Both women looked fine, if a bit green out there. Skye’s got all the potential in the world and Hirsch came across very well as a specialized wrestler with her mat work. Both of these two have a lot of room to grow and get better, nothing bad here.

Post-match, we get the handshake of mutual respect. Skye gets the mic and tells us that she promised that if she didn’t win tonight, she was going to take some time to do more training elsewhere before returning to EVE again, so she’ll see us down the road as a completely different Skye Smitson.

Intermission, Burlesque time.

Main event time! And there’s the music of Erin Angel, who comes down holding both EVE tag belts. Glad someone FINALLY paid her bail, apparently. The winning team will claim those titles tonight!

Out first, we’ve got the Woke Queens! Mercedes is out next, and Laura is our last competitor tonight. Let’s get us some new champs!

The Woke Queens vs Mercedes Martinez/Laura Di Matteo – EVE tag title tournament Finals

The Woke Queens attack before the bell, just to let us know who the heels are. Laura sells like crazy, incorporating the KO from Rhia’s brace earlier, because she’s an awesome professional wrestler. The medic checks on her as the crowd chants her name, but she won’t leave and wants to fight….so the Woke Queens attack again from behind. That’s fucking great, no sarcasm intended.

We start the match proper and Laura and Mercedes quickly turn the tide with a pair of clotheslines and dropkicks, and now Martinez goes to work on Valkyrie. Delayed vertical suplex gets two for Mercedes. Tag to Laura, sideslam/neckbreaker gets two. Fisherman’s suplex from Laura gets two. Di Matteo is still shaking out the cobwebs as she slams Valkyrie for two. Second attempt is blocked and Laura gets sent to the Queens’ corner, and they mercilessly double-team her there.

Valkyrie hits a dropkick to the back of Laura’s hair as they cut the ring in half and just beat on Di Matteo, including Debbie with a double fishhook after drawing Mercedes in the ring, allowing even more double teams. Laura hits an elbow and dives for the tag, but they cut her off and it’s back to the heel corner for more clubberin’ as the crowd again chants for Laura. See, this shit really isn’t hard. The formula always works if you’ve got talented wrestlers doing it.

Keitel chokes Laura against the ropes and Di Matteo is just finished. Off the ropes, but Laura finally counters to a DDT and both women are down as Dann points out that Laura isn’t thinking straight because she didn’t immediately go for a tag. Laura crawls….crawls… tag Mercedes! Martinez comes in and just mandhandles the Queens, including a nasty German to Valkyrie. Tag to Laura, who catapults herself off Mercedes into the crowd on both Queens. Back in and Martinez hits a Saito suplex, and Laura follows with the Octopus on the mat, but Keitel breaks that up.
Martinez responds by hitting a curb stomp on Debbie, but Valkyrie comes back with a Pele on Mercedes and everyone is down. Laura and Valkyrie go nose to nose and Laura fires up, but gets caught and double-teamed for two before Mercedes makes the save. So the Queens double-team Mercedes with kicks now, but Martinez is back up and she fires away. Everyone pairs off and Martinez ends up on the top rope with Keitel, Death Valley Driver off the top rope by Mercedes!

Laura goes for a Tombstone, but she can’t get up and drops her, then tries to cradle her for two. Dann is selling Laura being in no condition to continue competing like crazy on commentary. Mercedes gets tossed from the ring and Debbie gets hold of Di Matteo – backbreaker! Keitel off the top with the legdrop for the Decapitation! 1, 2, 3!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have NEW EVE Tag Team Champions. THE WOKE QUEENS OVER LAURA DI MATTEO/MERCEDES MARTINEZ, PINFALL, 14:46

THOUGHTS: ***1/2. Excellent tag match here, with Laura again playing Ricky Morton and taking a hell of a beating. The Woke Queens are fine choices as the champs, as Valkyrie in particular seems like an absolutely excellent worker, and I sense that Mercedes and Laura have more work to do as singles than they do as a tag team. The match was a bit more accelerated in its pacing than I normally like, but I am and always will be a slave to the tag formula. Martinez and Di Matteo are both crazy great workers and they really used a lot of their skills in this match to hold it together, and the Queens were perfect as the bitchy heels. All in all, this was a lot of fun.

Post-match, Dann again says that Laura’s loss was due to the attack from Rhia earlier in the evening, as they continue to lay the seeds for the inevitable showdown between LDM and O’Reilly, which is exactly what they should do. It’s so nice to see pro wrestling storytelling done well, and this company certainly does it. The Queens get the belts and pose with them to end the show proper.

After that, Erin Angel gets the mic from Dann after he rattles off a list of Erin’s accomplishments from the first EVE show to now. She’s not one for making big speeches, but she does want to tell everyone that she’s not leaving, nor is she injured – she’s going to be a mommy! The crowd explodes and Erin cries, then thanks the crowd for their support and says she hopes to be back someday. Dann asks the crowd to give it up for Mommy Angel as the EVE roster comes down to celebrate. And that’s the show!

Hey, I’m just happy that Erin didn’t kill a guy or something.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Looking back on it, this was probably the best EVE show since Queendom, with no bad matches and some really, really good ones – that Jinny/Kanji/Woke Queens tag was just simply outstanding. A good main event that showcased the right wrestlers and set up the right stories with the SHE-1 and Queendom looming on the horizon was a great way to cap off the night, as EVE once again came out with a strong show and proved that they absolutely should be getting much more buzz than they do. Just outstanding work, top to bottom.

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Take care all, and watch some wrestling.

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