Fox eventually cancelling Smackdown?

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well with you, man. 

I see a bunch of negative emails about AEW on the blog but no one is talking about a very possible worst case scenario for WWE in the near future. Unlike AEW in TNT and WWE in USA, FOX has a bigger reach with bigger competition in the alotted timeslot for Smackdown.  Their ratings are dismal and likely to dip even further in the next couple weeks. FOX just won't take a continued trend like that in 5-8 months time. I'm sure Vince is not taking it for granted that FOX will be too patient with them.  They will undoubtedly cancel their asses if they're not pleased with their ratings.  I'm not sure why fans haven't talked about this. Thoughts?
Look, even if they're suddenly drawing REALLY bad ratings by FOX's standards, which is certainly attainable, the absolute worst thing that will happen is that they'll be moved to FS1 permanently, where they will still be the highest rated thing on Fridays by a country mile.  They could be cancelled, in theory, but given what FOX is paying for the product, they're gonna exhaust every other avenue to recoup their investment first. 

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