NXT UK – October 24, 2019

Date: October 24, 2019
Location: Brentwood Centre, Essex, England
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

It’s a grudge match week around here with Trent Seven vs. Noam Dar in the main event. That’s the kind of match that may not sound like much on paper but hopefully they can pull off something good around here. There are good parts to the show and under the right circumstances we could be in for a solid night. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Imperium in full to get things going. Marcel Barthel talks about how they are the most dominant force on the brand, including the most dominant champion who wishes to address his kingdom. Walter says no one can compete with Imperium….so here’s Gallus to interrupt. Joe Coffey makes fun of the track suits and says Imperium isn’t even on the top level of NXT UK. Every since big Jolly Wally came around here, it has been Gallus’ kingdom and Imperium is just living in it. You’re either Gallus or you’re against us. These teams had to fight at some point so this makes sense.

Xia Brookside talks about beating Nina Samuels last week before talking about Kay Lee Ray denying her a shot at the Women’s Title. One day Xia will get the shot and it will be the ultimate revenge.

Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Smith and Drake start things off with the feeling out process as neither can get anywhere on the arm. A dropkick puts Drake down and a suplex gives Smith two, allowing the tag off to Carter. That means a kick to the head into a fireman’s carry backbreaker but Gibson offers himself as a shield before a kick to the head can connect in the corner. Gibson is even smart enough to take Drake over to the corner so he can make an easier tag. Carter can’t stay on Gibson’s arm so Drake tags himself in and takes over.

It’s Carter being put on the floor for a slingshot elbow/backbreaker combination, followed by the chinlock back inside. Drake comes back in but Carter hits a quick middle rope moonsault, allowing the hot tag to Smith. House is cleaned in a hurry, including the double dive to the floor onto the Veterans. Back in and a very spinning Blue Thunder Bomb gets two on Drake but Gibson comes back in. A cheap shot knocks Carter off the apron and it’s a surprise clothesline to the back of Smith’s head. Ticket To Mayhem finishes Smith at 7:55.

Rating: C. The Veterans win a fine enough match here with Carter continuing to be someone with hype but without any success. Smith on the other hand looks very athletic and like the kind of performer who you can beat a lot while still having some impact because he looks good enough in the ring. The Veterans will be doing something in the future I’m sure, so going with the easy win here made sense.

Post match the Veterans beat down Smith until Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews make the save.

Tyler Bate says he is just doing his thing in NXT UK and that includes going after Jordan Devlin.

The Veterans say they’re coming for the titles. Gallus comes in to say bring it.

Ligero vs. Travis Banks

They trade rollups into one counts each to start and that means the early standoff. The fight over a test of strength doesn’t go to either of them so Ligero armdrags him down into a headlock. That’s broken up and it’s another trade of rollups for two each into another standoff. Banks’ armbar has Ligero going over to the ropes to flip out, only to get armdragged down. Ligero’s suplex attempt is countered into a small package for two more as neither can get an advantage.

Banks finally gets smart by hitting some running knees and Ligero is in trouble for the first time. Some chops connect but Ligero tells him to bring it on. That means a slugout, which goes to Banks until Ligero kicks him in the head for a double knockdown. Banks is up first but misses the Slice of Heaven, allowing Ligero to twist into another rollup for two. An exchange of backslides gets two each so they fight over another until they both wind up on their shoulders for a double pin at 7:49. The fans chant for a replay as the referee explains the draw.

Rating: C+. I liked this more than I expected to with neither being able to get the advantage and one rollup after another getting two each. I’m surprised at the booking though as Banks comes up short again while Ligero seems to completely overachieve. He seems to be someone who should just be a mask and little more but they’re treating him like someone who matters. It’s not like it’s completely out of left field so I’ll call this one a positive surprise.

Video on Dave Mastiff vs. Jordan Devlin.

Next week: NXT UK is on at 11am because of Crown Jewel. That show continues to be more and more annoying for fans every day. Next week’s show will include A-Kid’s debut and Mastiff vs. Devlin.

Noam Dar vs. Trent Seven

They’ve been annoying each other for weeks. Dar’s towel says RIP STRONG STYLE. Dar jumps him on the floor during Seven’s long entrance and uses the towel to tie Seven to the post. That means a dropkick to drive the arm into the post as we’re still waiting on the opening bell. Seven gets in and insists that he can go so Dar charges at him, right into a hard lariat for two. A legdrop gives Seven two but Dar slips out of a Burning Hammer and snaps Seven’s bad arm across the top rope.

The arm is fine enough to snap off a Rock Bottom out of the corner but Dar kicks him off the top. The crash makes Seven scream in pain and a fisherman’s suplex gives Dar two. A snapmare into the ropes gives Dar two and it’s time to start stomping at the leg. With the fans chanting something about Alicia Fox, Dar grabs something like an STF with a bend of the fingers and a shout about how much he loves Pete Dunne.

Back up and Seven blocks a Tyler Driver 97 but gets his leg kicked out again. Something close to a snap dragon suplex sends Dar outside for a change and Seven nails the suicide dive. The spinning moonsault misses though (partially due to the knee being banged up) but Seven’s Michinoku Driver gets two instead. Dar is right back with the ankle lock, sending Seven rolling over to the rope.

They fight to the apron with Seven getting in a DDT to drop Dar on his head. That’s only good for two as well so Seven dedicates this one to Tyler, setting up the Seven Star Lariat for two more. Seven is fired up but Dar kicks the knee out and hits a top rope double stomp to the leg.

The ankle lock with the grapevine goes on so Seven has to flail a lot, eventually making it over to the rope. Dar grabs the towel before kicking Seven in the head, ala Pete Dunne, for two more. The trash talk goes on so Seven bends the finger back, gets in the punch to the face and hits the Birminghammer (if that’s not what Tom said, it should be) for the pin at 13:10.

Rating: B. Yeah that worked. This is the kind of match that Seven hasn’t had very often so giving him the fighting from behind win, which also tying in the stuff with the rest of British Strong Style, worked very well. Dar is very easy to dislike and it’s even better watching Seven literally hit him in the face and drop him on his head for the win. This felt like a definitive win and a statement win for Trent, which was exactly what he needed to do.

Overall Rating: B-. The opening segment and the main event were both good but the stuff in the middle felt like you could skip it entirely. NXT has some trouble making their stuff feel important but they did it well here at least half of the time. I enjoyed the show well enough and it certainly wasn’t bad, but it rarely feels like a show you need to watch most of the time. The main event told a good story, though it still feels like a show you can miss.


Grizzled Young Veterans b. Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter – Ticket To Mayhem to Smith

Ligero vs. Travis Banks went to a double pin

Trent Seven b. Noam Dar – Birminghammer

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