am I supposed to be impressed?

Hi Scott,

So after catching a few episodes of AEW and going in with an open mind, I have to ask: am I supposed to be impressed?

Their production values are no different than peak TNA, down to the entrance tunnels and the sweeping overhead crowd shots. It's the same Keith Mitchell, just in yet another company.  And yes, TNA *was* running similarly-sized venues at their peak.

They even have the same Atlas security guys that TNA used.

Wrestling-wise, this isn't anything we haven't seen before in latter-day ROH, with some more recent TNA sprinkled in, and of course a touch of NJPW for the usual suspects.  They're doing the same stuff that got them criticized in other promotions for being too flashy, too reckless, too flippy, etc etc.

The audience has firmly cemented itself as the kind that wants to make itself the focal point, with the usual chants and "look how great we all are!" attitude.  Heaven forbid they just enjoy it, rather than calling attention to how much they're enjoying it, at the expense of what's going on in the ring.  I realize this applies to pretty much all promotions, so my point in bringing it up is "same shit, different day."

Jim Ross mumbles his way through his commentary, getting lost and confusing himself. (I will admit that a reinvigorated Tony Schiavone is a highlight, though.)

It's enjoyable enough to watch, I guess, but it's certainly not appointment viewing or anything.

So… what exactly am I missing?
Come on.  If you want to go in looking for complaints, you can reduce any wrestling show to the sum of other parts from other companies.  That’s how wrestling works.  If you enjoy it, great, if you don’t, there’s plenty of options out there.  I suggest NWA Powerrr.