AEW – too much wrestling this week

I (once again) liked Dynamite, but the show was starting to feel too much like a PPV with straight wrestling matches. I hope the show doesn’t become more of that in the future. 

I loved the vignette from the first week with SCU and Scorpio Sky doing an Obama impression and the brawl with Cody and the Inner Circle – why not more of this with charismatic talkers like Moxley and Omega? Why not a vignette with Adam Page to establish that he’s more than just a tough wrestler or a short comedy bit backstage with Orange Cassidy?

I’m not saying make it crash TV or anything, but save the straight wrestling for PPV and let the weekly show be more of a balance that shows us some personalities. 

Again, I still like Dynamite and AEW, but so far I think NWA Powerrr might actually have the best weekly balance between serious wrestling and entertainment, and that’s gone well for them even with a lower budget, one less hour, and a worse roster. 

I agree.  The steak is nice to have, but you also need the sautéed mushrooms and side dish with it.  NWA has a nice balance of all three.