AEW Great Show

As an NBA fan watched my Sixers beat the Celtics, was tired but put on WCW, sorry AEW after it ended.

Man, really wanted this promotion to be good and was skeptical of the singles roster but damn this show killed.

Watched all four episodes and this one nailed it for me.  Watched every minute minus some fast forwarding during woman’s match which actually had a great opponent for Britt.

Really was the best tv show of wrestling I’ve seen all year.

The matches all flew by fast. The cut of the normal intro felt right. Was worried about the inner circle in the box but the taking the piss out of Cody’s promo, taunting then having the good guys show up one by one with a legend being used right with the DDP pop

then the glass being broken in the box, it was perfect.

At the end of the day, I’m old and this is what I have wanted for years. Please keep it up AEW.

I look forward to watching it tonight!  And thanks for writing!