Regal sandbagging Goldberg on Nitro?

I remember hearing a story back in the late 1990's that Steven (William) Regal sandbagged Goldberg on an episode of Nitro to "teach the rookie a lesson", and it ended up culminating with Regal legit kicking Goldberg in his face before putting him over.  You ever hear about this as well, or is it just another pro wrestling urban legend?  It sounds like something Regal would've done, what with having had the rep of being someone you didn't want to mess with.  

It's mostly an urban legend.  Regal has done interviews since then where he explained that he was trying to do a carnival match with Goldberg like in the old days, where he'd walk some rube through a basic mat wrestling deal to make him look like a killer.  However, according to Regal, Goldberg got confused and thought Regal was messing with him, and was trying to do his own thing, and it ended up being a mess.  I don't think either guy particularly harbors any resentment towards the other.  The legend is that Regal was fired for shooting on Goldberg, but it was more accurately related to his drug and alcohol problems.