Missed Opportunity (What else is new)

Hi Scott,
I am casually watching the World Series and thinking that Vince really blew a chance to grab the coveted casual viewer. 

While the World Series ratings are trending down (like other sports) there is still a huge audience out there and one that probably would have loved to see an episode of Smackdown with all the familiar faces.  A Smackdown with Flair, Hogan, Stone Cold or the Rock would have been great to advertise on Fox was baseball winds down but it feels like WWE has already used up all their old timers.  

Any other nostalgia strolls that you think could still pop a rating or are the McMahons living in that thick a culture bubble that they don't even realize the October Classic is going down?

Dude, I am SO TIRED of all the nostalgia acts being trotted out to pop a rating.  All they're doing is killing their drawing power with diminishing returns each time.  The magical unicorn lapsed fans who want to see the Rock and Austin and the Attitude Era guys are not sticking around after the shows and it's proven again and again.  People want something new, which is why Bray Wyatt got over so huge before they completely botched it.