So I believe Moxley rocked the IWGP U.S. championship on AEW television, I believe. The Bucks defended the AAA tag straps & it appears Omega will be rolling with his AAA championship. I guess you can include the Cody Rhodes v Aldis NwA match in this question too. So will this be the approach moving forward? Championship reigns & defenses of other promotion’s championships? Hopefully some MLW, more AAA & NwA. But really some NJPW, RoH & Impact inclusions would kick ass. TERRITORIES BABY. Or does AEW go the route of secondary titles? For the love of Xenu NO TV TITLE! What is your preference my good sir & if AEW rolls out another belt what would you like to see it be, and be called?

Thanks, longtime BoD reader & poster, keep up the typical Canadian mediocre effort…..GO BILLS!!!

Seriously, what's with the "NwA" thing?