Wrestling Viewing Habits

When you make a decision to sit and watch a pro wrestling show,(either live or recorded), do you ever just shut it off and not finish if the program is awful or not interesting, or do you plow through until it's over?  
Little of A, little of B.  Most of the time if I'm watching a show, it's because I'm reviewing it, so I have specific habits when doing so.  
Example #1:  As you may know, the Network put the weird WCW Festival de Lucha show up with Hidden Gems a couple of weeks ago, and for those asking, yes, I did try to review it.  However, I did the first match and realized that I had nothing interesting to say about the people involved, or interesting to say about the match.  And in fact, I don't watch enough lucha libre to really have any understanding of how the match works, at least to the level where I can explain my opinion on it to others.  It's like, did I enjoy it?  I dunno, and that was gonna be death if I was just recapping flips and flops for 2 hours, so I just switched it off and deleted the review and moved on with my life.
Example #2:  Another one that comes up far more often is when people e-mail me asking for redos of older rants.  It happens a lot and I'm generally pretty accommodating where I can be, but the situation that inevitably happens for stuff written after 2002 or so is that I'll get a couple of matches into the show and then go back and check my old review for notes and it turns out that I'm saying EXACTLY the same thing, with the same ratings, and even making some of the same jokes and asides.  And at that point, I usually just shut it down and go do something else instead. 
Example #3:  Another one that's come up more frequently in the internet world is where I'll try something new, like MLW or ROH, and then lose interest after a few shows due to not being engaged with the characters or the show not "paying for its rent" on the site, so to speak.  I liked MLW and even had engagement from their PR guys with offers of interviews and stuff, but ultimately it just wasn't what I wanted as a weekly show and I couldn't get hooked on the characters, so now I just drop in and out for something to watch without writing reviews. ROH pretty much scrapped their entire TV formula and now it's basically a clip show that did weak numbers, so I dropped them as well.  NXT, back in the days when I was reviewing it weekly, also got to be that way, where the weekly TV show just wasn't particularly compelling drama, so I ended up being much happier with the show in smaller doses, namely Takeovers.   
Usually I don't care if a show is "bad" because I can typically find stuff to talk about and entertain myself.  That's my main goal.