Tessa Blanchard

So I know she's supposedly got a rep for being difficult (though I've seen no real evidence of it) but even if she did, surely she's worth it to WWE or AEW once this Impact contract ends?

Meltzer said she's second only to Meiko Satamura when it comes to women wrestlers at the moment on the most recent WOR. She'd be pretty high up for me too. She just has that intangible about her

She can work, has a great look, can cut a promo and has two famous dads. Seems like a no brainer that a big company should try to get her

Who knows though, maybe she's grateful to Impact for giving her this run and she'll stick with them if they are willing to compete financially when her deal comes up?

Given the baggage that Vince has traditionally put up with over the years in the name of drawing money, I have no idea why he doesn't just bring her in again.  Ronda was supposedly difficult to deal with and she ended up being the biggest star they had for a year.  Can you imagine what they could do with a Tessa v. Charlotte feud?  But nope, everyone's gotta go through NXT and be broken down and retrained and all that shit.