Still watching 1998-1999 WCW

Another late 90s WCW question for you.

I had always heard that the Fingerpoke of Doom was the beginning of the end for WCW, but watching it now they really seem to have screwed up Goldberg's title run before that. 

So he wins the title in July, and they only have him defend it twice on PPV before dropping the title in December, and only one of those was the main event. 

Was he injured during some of this time? Or was this all backstage politicking by Hogan to stay in the main event even without the belt? Because in retrospect putting the title on your hottest act and then putting him lower on the card than Karl Malone and Jay Leno seems pretty dumb. Is this just a "because WCW" type situation? 

Yeah, although also it was contractual stuff with Hogan where he pretty much had to be promoted in the main event of whatever he was on because he was getting a piece of PPV revenue.  It got to be a real catch-22 once Hogan's drawing power was gone.