What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – October 21, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes are in the booth and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, the matches on this telecast were taped on September 27 and October 18 at Center Stage.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  The American Males (WCW Tag Team Champions) (8-0) defeat the State Patrol (1-5) when Marcus Bagwell pins Lieutenant James Earl after a body press off the ropes at 3:28:

Sister Sherri appears at ringside to scout the match and it does not take long for Colonel Robert Parker to follow, write a letter, and give it to Sherri.  They pass notes back and forth like they are children in grade school as Schiavone and Rhodes laugh.  Both teams work a quick pace, with the Males dominating most of the action.  As Parker sweeps Sherri off her feet and carries here to the locker room, the Patrol miscommunicate and Bagwell pins Earl after a flying body press off the ropes to maintain the champions undefeated streak.  Rating:  **

Lex Luger (1-2) beats Rip Rogers via submission to the Torture Rack at 2:12:

Rogers does his usual shtick of screaming loudly when Luger pounds away.  A nice comedic spot sees Rogers knocked loopy after trying to take a Luger shoulder block and that sets up the Torture Rack.

Gene Okerlund interviews Luger.  Okerlund tries to play up the angle that it is not guaranteed that Randy Savage and Luger will meet at Halloween Havoc because they have to beat Kamala and Meng, respectively.  However, Luger bypasses that build with a mack track by ignoring his match with Meng and ranting about how he will definitely beat Savage at Halloween Havoc.

V.K. Wallstreet (0-1) beats Hacksaw Jim Duggan (35-8-1) when Big Bubba Rogers interferes at 3:27:

Reprising his old WWF storyline with Tatanka, Wallstreet has gotten under Duggan’s skin by stealing his beloved 2×4.  Duggan dominates the content, pummeling Wallstreet with fists and throwing him into the entrance set.  However, when Duggan goes to slam Wallstreet from the apron into the ring Big Bubba Rogers runs out, trips Duggan, and then holds his foot so he cannot kick out.  Rating:  ¼*

Kevin Sullivan & the Shark (1-0) defeat Larry Santo & Julio Sanchez when the Shark pins Sanchez after the Shark Attack at 1:23:

Dusty amuses himself during the squash by talking about the Yeti and rooting for Sanchez to do something to the Shark.  That never comes to pass, though, as the Shark dominates the jobbers in turn and lays them both out with Shark Attacks.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to find out which two top WWF stars might be sidelined for a long period of time!

Eddy Guerrero (2-2-1) wrestles Alex Wright (51-8-2) to a time limit draw at 8:44:

This is a return match from the previous month on the Fall Brawl pre-show when Guerrero wrestled Wright to a no contest when Guerrero’s knee was hurt and he could not continue.   There is also a small respect element built into the bout as well since Guerrero and Wright are supposed to team up on the next Monday Nitro to face Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko.  A funny botch takes place when Guerrero tries to headscissors Wright from an electric chair drop position, crashes to the canvas, and then Wright realizes he needs to bump so he flips for no reason seconds later.  Both men can do high flying moves but the match stays grounded because the finish is a time limit draw.  However, kudos for a creative twist in the formula as Guerrero and Wright start blasting each other with strikes for the last forty-five seconds, incensed that they cannot finish each other off.  Schiavone says this is a bad omen for their chances as a team on Monday NitroRating:  **¼

Randy Savage (17-3) beats the Man of Question after a flying elbow smash at 3:53:

The Man of Question would later be christened as Hugh Morrus.  He was a Johnny Rodz trainee from the New York area who wrestled for the American Wrestling Federation and ECW during the 1990s.  The WWF did not offer him a contract after a tryout in 1994, but Kevin Sullivan liked Morrus’ work and he was given a WCW deal.  The Man of Question is a horrible name and the vignettes never made it clear why he hates Randy Savage.  His look would also be helped by getting rid of two green question marks that are painted on the sides of his head.  Two minutes into the match, the Dungeon of Doom appear and distract Savage, allowing Question to get the advantage.  No Laughing Matter misses and Savage immediately counters with the flying elbow to supposedly answer the question according to Dusty, who of course fails to tell us what question he answered!  Rating:  *½

Okerlund interviews Savage, who alleges that Lex Luger is in cahoots with the Dungeon of Doom.  He vows to slam Kamala and Zodiac on top of each other and win at Halloween Havoc and he vows to help Luger beat Meng to guarantee that they face off.

Road Warrior Hawk (5-1-1) pins Mark Kyle after a flying clothesline at 2:17:

Kyle must not have invested a lot of time in film study as he celebrates after delivering a piledriver, overlooking the fact that Hawk ALWAYS refuses to sell that maneuver.  A barrage of clotheslines puts Hawk over, building him up for his Halloween Havoc clash with Kurasawa.

Meng (30-2-1) beats Dave Sullivan (9-6-1) via submission to the Asiatic Spike at 1:17:

Meng does not get an entrance, but he does not play with rabbits either and Sullivan might as well be dead on arrival for this match as Meng destroys him with a sit out powerbomb and a nerve hold.  Meng’s new finisher finally has a name as Schiavone and Dusty call it the “Asiatic Spike.”

In a taped promo, WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart proclaim that people are scared of Hogan’s new dark character.  Hogan threatens Hart not to say a word about what is going to happen on the next Monday Nitro, where he will unveil a surprise to counter the Dungeon of Doom.  Let us hope that surprise is not on the same level as the Renegade.  He also maintains his concern with the Giant’s cleanliness, constantly calling him nasty and stinky.

Scott Norton (2-1) pins Eddie Jackie after a reverse shoulderbreaker at 1:28:

Norton’s power is too much for Jackie to overcome as Norton avalanches his adversary against the turnbuckles and lays him to rest with a reverse shoulderbreaker.

Johnny B. Badd (42-5-2) beats Paul Orndorff (19-7) via count out at 1:01:

Orndorff wanted to face the winner of the Diamond Dallas Page-Badd match at Halloween Havoc but it appears that the WCW Championship Committee has given him half of his wish early.  Badd extracts some revenge on Orndorff, who has defeated him twice this year, by knocking him to the floor with a clothesline, causing Orndorff’s mirror to shatter.  That puts Orndorff into a panic because a broken mirror means seven years of bad luck and he gets counted out.  Orndorff goes through his duffel bag to find Gary Spivey’s phone number.  Sadly, when he calls Spivey is not there.  This was a weak way to end Orndorff’s six-match winning streak but Orndorff did a great job playing up the ridiculousness of the situation.

Dean Malenko (1-1) beats Joey Maggs via submission to the Texas cloverleaf in 50 seconds:

After Maggs tries to score the upset with a schoolboy, Malenko dropkicks his knee and locks in a Texas cloverleaf to win via submission.  Teddy Long is shown at ringside for the match, and his motivations for being there are not clarified.

A video package hypes the Ric Flair & Sting-Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman feud.

Okerlund interviews Arn Anderson, who says that Flair and Sting look like they are in great shape for Halloween Havoc and it will be a helluva match as a result.  Anderson alludes to a new Four Horsemen, saying that he and Pillman are the first two and two new members will shortly follow.

Tune in next week to see the American Males defend the WCW tag team titles against Harlem Heat!  Also, Lex Luger faces the Shark and Mr. J.L. will be in action!

The Last Word:  This was an action packed episode of WCW Saturday Night.  Matches that were going to be poor like Meng and Dave Sullivan were kept short and there was some creative angle development between Alex Wright and Eddy Guerrero and with Paul Orndorff’s character.  This is easily the best Saturday show WCW put on in the last few weeks.

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