What should Vince do with NXT on USA?

The company line is "it's a marathon not a sprint" but finishing 30th in the demo with no sports feels like a pretty epic failure for NXT. Especially considering AEW isnt exactly setting the world on fire. 

So if you're Vince, what would you do?

1- Move the show to Tuesdays

2- Keep the show on Wednesdays but take it on the road

3- Keep the show in Full Sail on Wednesdays but add more "stars" from the main roster

4- Take your medicine & move it back to the Network to focus on Raw/SD

Again, we don’t know what USA wants out of this.  I think Vince should definitely get on the road with it, but maybe USA is happy drawing less than 700k viewers?  Really it’s all for their benefit anyway.