NXT UK – October 17, 2019

Date: October 17, 2019
Location: Brentwood Centre, Essex, England
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

We’re still in England here and that means….well nothing really as most of the shows so far have been in England. Last week saw a pretty bad show with almost nothing interesting going on, which can be a problem around here. This week is going to focus on the Tag Team Titles as Gallus gets their shot at Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. Let’s get to it.

We open with a look at the Tag Team Title match. The word “transitional” seems appropriate here.

Opening sequence.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Saxon Huxley

Dragunov elbows him in the face to start and hits a quick backsplash. Back up and Dragunov tells him to bring it on so Huxley picks him up for a slam, only to get elbowed in the head for the break. A second attempt at a slam works better for Huxley and a crossbody against the ropes gets two. The chinlock goes on for a bit but Dragunov is right back up with some kicks in the corner.

A bottom rope dead lift superplex drops Huxley again, followed by a bridging suplex for two as Alexander Wolfe is out watching. Huxley gets in a heck of a clothesline for his own two but Dragunov sends him outside for a dive off the top. Back in and the top rope backsplash sets up Torpedo Moscow to finish Huxley at 5:24.

Rating: C-. Dragunov is someone who should be a big deal going forward as he has one of those presences that makes you pay attention to him. Putting him against Imperium down the line could be interesting and that’s the kind of promotion that he needs. You know, as in not losing to Kassius Ohno again.

Post match Dragunov stares at Wolfe but here are Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner for their tag match. Wolfe motions for Dragunov to come with him and Dragunov follows.

The Hunt vs. Imperium

Aichner and Primate start slugging it out in a hurry with Primate hitting a running clothesline in the corner. Boar comes in and gets what might be a low blow from Aichner as the villains take over. Everything breaks down early on and it’s everyone but Boar being knocked outside.

Barthel gets in a right hand to Boar to bring him outside as well, leaving Primate to dive onto Aichner….who catches him for a drive into the steps. We settle down to Barthel clotheslining Boar for two with Primate still down on the floor. Boar gets hung upside down in the corner for the stereo running dropkicks and we’re off to the chinlock.

That’s broken up and the hot tag brings in Primate, who just made it up onto the apron. Everything breaks down with Aichner sending Primate into Barthel for White Noise. Boar is back in for a spear and the double diving headbutts get two on Aichner. The control doesn’t last long either though and it’s the European Bomb to give Aichner the pin at 7:54.

Rating: C. These two are both solid teams as the tag division around here is getting better and better all the time. The Hunt has gone from what should be a lot level gimmick team into a pretty dependable pairing. They have a good enough gimmick and I could go for more of them. The same is true of Imperium, who are likely to be a big deal for a long time.

After the end of last week’s show, Piper Niven thanked Rhea Ripley for the help. Ripley doesn’t like Niven but she doesn’t like the other two later. She can co-exist with Piper for a week if the tag match can be set up.

Nina Samuels vs. Xia Brookside

Nina can’t spin out of a wristlock to start with even the rolls and flips not working. A hard tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets Nina out of trouble though and we hit a seated full nelson. Brookside fights up so it’s a reverse suplex to put her right back down. Nina tries the full nelson again but gets reversed into a rollup for two. Back up and Nina tries another rollup, only to get reversed into a cradle to give Xia the pin at 4:12.

Rating: D+. This didn’t have a lot of time in the first place and a good chunk of it was spent in that full nelson. Brookside fighting from behind and winning with a quick pin in the end was a good idea as it shows Nina up, which would hurt her more than anything else. Brookside seems like she could move up to the title picture one day, though she has a way to go to get there.

Nina is ticked.

A-Kid is coming.

Here is Jordan Devlin for a chat. Devlin has been getting a lot of feedback lately because people think he is arrogant. That’s not him though because it implies he thinks he is better than he is. In reality, he knows how good he is and he’s the best wrestler in the world. He has that loser Tyler Bate shaken up and Dave Mastiff came out here too…so here’s Mastiff to interrupt. Mastiff takes the mic from him and starts to say something but Devlin hits him in the head. Devlin loads up Devil Inside and gets knocked down in a hurry. With Devlin down, Mastiff says he’ll take Devlin’s bet about being the best.

Video on Trent Seven vs. Noam Dar. They’ll meet again next week.

Tag Team Titles: Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews vs. Gallus

Gallus is challenging and get dropkicked to the floor at the bell. The champs hit stereo flip dives for the cool start and a suicide dive hits Wolfgang for a bonus. Back in and a moonsault/inverted Swanton combination gets two on Coffey, who pops up with a heck of a slam to plant Andrews. Wolfgang comes in for a running seated clothesline and it’s back to Coffey for a knee to the spine. Andrews gets rammed ribs first into the top turnbuckle and we hit the chinlock.

Cue Joe Coffey to watch as Andrews rolls out of the chinlock and dives over for the tag. Webster gets to clean most of the house, including a hurricanrana around the post to take Wolfgang down. A big flip dive off the top takes Gallus down again and there’s a running Sliced Bread to Coffey. Wolfgang pulls Webster to the floor though and drops him face first onto the apron. A Samoan drop/middle rope moonsault gets two on Webster and the referee gets poked in the eye.

Andrews slugs away at Coffey as the referee is back up and everything breaks down. Everyone gets knocked down and that’s good for an NXT chant. With everyone back up, they charge at each other for the slugout with Wolfgang catapulting Andrews at Coffey, who gets caught in the Stundog Millionaire.

The fans are VERY impressed as Webster hits a Swanton to Coffey’s back for two. Andrews’ suicide dive is blocked though and Wolfgang throws him HARD into the post. Webster misses a 630 and it’s an enziguri into a powerslam to crush Webster for the pin at 12:31, with Coffey holding Andrews down with his boot for a nice bonus.

Rating: B. Power vs. speed is the most basic professional wrestling story in the world and that’s what you got here, albeit at a pretty high level. Webster and Andrews weren’t looking like long term champions and transitioning them to Gallus is a fine enough way to use them. It’s a rather strong main event and that’s what this show was needing.

Overall Rating: C. This was a big upgrade over last week’s rather horrible show with the big title change in a hot match to close things out. As is always the case, it’s a very good sign that the shows can work when the main event talent isn’t around. With Walter appearing in NXT for the time being, the rest of the card is left to hold down the fort and they’re doing it well enough….sometimes.


Ilja Dragunov b. Saxon Huxley – Torpedo Moscow

Imperium b. The Hunt – European Bomb to Boar

Xia Brookside b. Nina Samuels – Cradle

Gallus b. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews – Enziguri/powerslam combination to Webster

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