WWF All-American Wrestling – June 19th, 1994

June 19, 1994

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Polo, who are in the Baltimore Arena hours before the King of the Ring.


Gorilla taunts Polo about needing to shave his goatee as the result of their bet since The Quebecers lost to The Headshrinkers at “Countdown to the Crowning. Polo then predicts Mabel to win the King of the Ring.


1-2-3 Kid defeats Austin Steele from the 6/19 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The hosts now plug the King of the Ring Hotline. Polo says some of the wrestlers who are not even part of the PPV are also backstage for the Hotline.


Owen Hart defeats Koko B. Ware from the 6/18 edition of “Superstars.”


Pettengill interviews Tatanka backstage and asks if he was there to scout Owen in the previous match. Tatanka talks about beating Owen then loving to have the opportunity to get his hands on IRS in this tournament because they have not settled their score. They could possibly meet in the finals.


Mabel defeated Nikolai Volkoff by disqualification from the 6/18 edition of “Superstars.”


The hosts are now talking to Pettengill, who is still backstage next to the King of the Ring bracket. They are doing this through the video wall. Pettengill runs down the PPV.


We now see a video package on the Jerry Lawler/Roddy Piper feud.


Bottom Line with Roddy Piper. This time we see Piper laying across a park bench while wearing a flannel and jeans, saying he is doing his impersonation of IRS in the King of the Ring Tournament. An ambulance then drives by and says that is an impersonation of Lawler’s transportation when he leaves the PPV. He then talks about other weird stuff like the old commercial with the Indian crying over the pollution and says he wants to see Tatanka go on the warpath and says he is proud of the New Generation but that some things are ageless like fine wine and that he’ll see us tonight. We then see Piper walk by the Hospital for Sick Children and how these kids need our help and talks about that for a minute until the segment ends. Much like everything else Piper did in this run the focus was on getting awareness out regarding the Sick Hospital for Children in Toronto.


Pettengill holds up a cue card that features the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation address so you can donate.


Polo is now backstage with Yokozuna & Crush as Crush tells Headshirnkers it is going to be a massacre then they go to see Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji in the “warmup room” before Gorilla pulls him away as they walk through the hallway as to not welsh on his bet.


The Headshrinkers defeat The Quebecers from “Countdown to the Crowning.”


We now see Polo in a makeup chair with shaving cream on his goatee. Gorilla tells Polo he is good with a straight razor and will shave it if he does not so Polo starts slowly shaving while Gorilla jokes that maybe next week they can do something about his hair.


An ad for the PPV airs.


The hosts are now looking at the set with Gorilla yelling at Polo for trying to peek at what is under the curtains.


Replay of Diesel as guest on the “Heartbreak Hotel.”


Pettengill is now with Bret Hart. He asks Bret about who he thinks will win King of the Ring. Bret predicts Bam Bam Bigelow since he was the runner up last year. Bret then refuses to comment about the family member in his corner as he says the surprise is part of his strategy and does not want to tip his hand. Bret then calls the Jackknife one of the most painful moves he’s ever been hit with and has no idea if he would have kicked out. Bret then says once Diesel is on his back he will apply the Sharpshooter.


Final Thoughts: This was sort of like a PPV pre-show with it being on location and interviewing the talent. At least not everything was recycled from other TV shows. However, even still the overall feeling heading into this PPV is that of an underwhelming card. And I’ll get to that show tomorrow.