Mailbag – Greed

Related to the question about richest wrestlers, who do you think has made the most money by treating "this business" like a business? Candidates I can think of include Hogan (80s boom; goes to WCW for huge paydays once he had cooled off in WWF; back to WWE for another set of nostalgia paydays in early 2000s; and even milked TNA for a bit); HHH (jumped from WCW to WWF at the right time, and the rest is history); Brock (lotsa money over his career for not much work); and Jericho (coming and going throughout the 2000s has kept him relevant until he's almost 50).

Gotta be Brock just because he was able to con both UFC and WWE into a contract war at the same time.  That takes giant clanging balls and some brains as well.