Impact Wrestling – October 11, 2019

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 11, 2019
Location: Sam’s Town Hotel And Gambling Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

The long march towards Bound For Glory continues, but more importantly the march towards AXS TV continues as well. Things are actually looking up around here as last week’s show may not have been the best on its own, but it made me want to see what happens at the pay per view. That’s ultimately what matters most so hopefully they can continue that this week. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

X-Division Title Qualifying Match: Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards

Austin has a new shirt: Ace Austin 3:16 on the front and I JUST BANGED YOUR WIFE on the back. Eddie isn’t wasting time and knocks him to the floor for the slingshot dive. Some kicks against the barricade has Eddie in trouble and Austin kisses a groupie in the front row. Back in and they take turns choking in the corner until Eddie takes him outside for more chopping. A drink to the face slows Eddie down and Ace gets to choke in the corner some more.

Ace gets in a kick to stagger Eddie on the middle rope but Eddie crotches him on top instead. The belly to back superplex connects so here’s Reno Scum for a distraction. Eddie is fine enough to get two off the Blue Thunder Bomb but Ace kicks him in the head for the same. The Boston Knee Party gets another near fall but this time Reno Scum pulls the referee out at two. That means it’s Kenny time, only to have Austin hit the Fold. That’s good for two so Austin loads up a piece of metal in his arm brace and spinning backfists Eddie cold at 10:45.

Rating: C. I’m more than a little surprised that this match took place here as you would think that it was a perfect grudge match at Bound For Glory. I’ve been more interested in this feud than in almost anything else Impact has been offering lately and I really hope that they’re not thrown into a ladder match (or Heaven forbid it’s Eddie/Tommy Dreamer vs. Reno Scum) at the biggest show of the year.

Taya Valkyrie is panicking about having to face Havok when Rosemary comes in. Rosemary is looking forward to watching and doesn’t seem interested in helping.

The announcers preview the show.

We look back at Brian Cage being arrested for going after Sami Callihan last week.

Desi Hit Squad vs. Rascalz

Gama Singh introduces Mahabali Shera first and the rest of the team as his soldiers. Trey gets triple teamed to start and it’s a legsweep into a jumping stomp for two. Raj blocks a diving tag attempt and suplexes Trey for two more. Heel miscommunication finally allows Trey to get over for the tag and everything breaks down. The Rascalz start cleaning house but Shera blocks a double suicide dive. Back in and the triple teaming doesn’t work on Shera, who World’s Strongest Slams Wentz and puts Raju on top for the pin at 7:31.

Rating: D. The Desi Hit Squad is one of the least interesting acts I’ve seen in years as they’re just not fun to watch in any way. Their offense is generic, their gimmick is that they’re from India and the whole team exists to make Shera look good. That doesn’t help when Shera isn’t exactly thrilling on his best day and the team doesn’t help things. Throw in the fact that the Rascalz have a match at Bound For Glory and lose here and this was a big waste of time.

Katie Forbes arrives and tells Jordynne Grace to park her car. A fight is set instead, with Grace promising to kick Forbes’ a**. Forbes: “You mean this one?” And she pulls up her robe.

Knockouts Title: Jessika Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya is defending and it’s James Mitchell/John E. Bravo as the seconds. Hold on though as here’s Tenille Dashwood to join commentary. Havok powers her into the corner to start and gets two off a knee to the head. The threat of a right hand has Taya grabbing the ropes but she does manage to take Havok down and knee her in the face.

The choking in the corner just makes Havok mad enough to hammer away and bend Taya over her knee. Taya climbs down the post to get out of a superplex attempt and manages to knock Havok into the ropes. That means the top rope double stomp but Havok is right back up with a clothesline and the chokeslam….but Bravo pulls the referee out for the DQ at 5:07.

Rating: D+. I’m still not sure why things are going in this direction for the Knockouts Title. It still feels like there are three or four stories going on at the same time and Havok losing like this would suggest that she should be in the title match at Bound For Glory. Giving Dashwood the title shot is fine, but they’re doing a weird job of setting it up.

Post match Havok beats up Bravo but gets a belt shot to the face. Dashwood comes in and beats Taya up to send the champ running.

Sami Callihan says Brian Cage belongs in jail because he’s an animal. He’s taking the World Title at Bound For Glory.

The North is ready to defend the Tag Team Titles at Bound For Glory. Rich Swann and Willie Mack come up and say they’ll win. Rhino and Rob Van Dam come in to say they’re old and awesome. The North bails while the other teams argue.

Moose vs. Stephan Bonnar

Frank Trigg is on commentary. Moose throws him down to start and messes with Bonnar’s face so Bonnar gets in a knee to the ribs. A toss puts Moose on the floor as Trigg talks about how awesome Moose is. Back in and Moose hammers away some more until Bonnar gets in a spinwheel kick. Bonnar, with a cut next to his eye, hits a spinebuster and goes up….but Moose shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Bonnar for the DQ at 4:29.

Rating: D-. This gets a hearty “well that happened” as we have our second DQ for attacking a referee in two matches. The idea of having Moose get into the MMA side of things and fighting mixed martial artists is fine but could they at least have the match be interesting? Bonnar isn’t anything in the ring and while he’s been trained, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be in a spot like this. Bad match, and it’s setting up what could be a major disaster with Ken Shamrock getting back in the ring.

Post match Moose beats on him even more and grabs a chair. Shamrock comes out for the save and ankle locks Moose as Bonnar won’t let Trigg interfere.

Katie Forbes vs. Jordynne Grace

Forbes has a money gun and enjoy shaking various things. Grace headscissors her way out of a headlock takeover and manages some pushups at the same time. A crucifix gives Grace two and a middle rope dropkick puts Forbes on the floor. Back in and Forbes chokes with a boot in the corner but hold on because hip shaking needs to take place. Grace pulls Forbes’ trunks up rather hard and sends her shoulder first into the post. A Vader Bomb gives Grace two but Forbes grabs a tornado DDT for the same. That’s enough for Grace, who hits the Grace Driver for the pin at 5:40.

Rating: D. Another pretty bad match as the rather terrible show continues. Forbes is rather curvy and that’s the extent of her appeal, as wrestling isn’t exactly her strong suit. It’s like they’re trying to recreate Scarlett Bordeaux without most of the things that made her work in the first place. Bad match here, as Forbes didn’t belong on the show.

Johnny Swinger and Forbes compare physiques. She isn’t interested because she’s with Rob Van Dam and walks away. Grace comes in and shoves Swinger down.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Ultimate X at Bound For Glory 2009.

Daga and Tessa Blanchard talk strategy but Tessa isn’t happy with Daga having her back.

Fallah Bahh has to exercise while TJP eats donuts. Next week: Bahh vs. Michael Elgin.

Next week in an X-Division Title qualifying match: Sabu vs. Rohit Raju. WOW that sounds like a nightmare.

Madman Fulton/Jake Crist vs. Daga/Tessa Blanchard

Daga and Jake start things off with an early standoff so it’s a double tag in a hurry. Blanchard is fine with waistlocking Fulton but stops to suicide dive Jake instead. Back in and Tessa walks into a bearhug but slips out for a tag to Daga. Fulton catapults him throat first into the bottom rope and the beating is on with Fulton not exactly looking worried. Daga slips out of a powerbomb though and hits….I think a one kneed Codebreaker, allowing the hot tag to Tessa. Jake comes in as well and gets tornado DDT’d for two with Fulton making a save. Some double teaming puts Fulton on the floor and Magnum finishes Jake at 5:32.

Rating: C-. Not bad here as Fulton continues to look like a monster and Tessa’s rise to singles success keeps going. They’re doing a great job of keeping Tessa from looking ridiculous in hanging with men and that’s a very hard trick to pull off. It’s working fine here though and the match was watchable enough.

Post match Fulton cleans house but we cut to the back where Cage is arriving. Cage storms into the arena and hits the ring for an F5 to Fulton. Sami Callihan comes in for a chair shot to the back….which does nothing at all. A low blow works a bit better and it’s the rest of OVE getting up to beat Cage down. They handcuff him to the ropes and Sami pulls out a baseball bat but here’s Melissa Santos. That’s fine with Sami, who piledrives her as Cage has to watch to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. This was….not good, almost at all. The opener and the closing angle were solid but there were so many just bad matches in the middle that it didn’t work. I’m not sure if it felt like they were trying to do too much or if it was more that they didn’t focus enough on Bound For Glory but the middle three quarters of this show were almost painful to watch. Sami vs. Cage is looking good for Bound For Glory and really, that’s about it.


Ace Austin b. Eddie Edwards – Spinning backfist

Desi Hit Squad b. Rascalz – Chokeslam to Wentz

Jessika Havok b. Taya Valkyrie via DQ when John E. Bravo interfered

Stephan Bonnar b. Moose via DQ when Moose shoved the referee

Jordynne Grace b. Katie Forbes – Grace Driver

Daga/Tessa Blanchard b. Madman Fulton/Jake Crist – Magnum to Crist

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