WWF Superstars – June 18th, 1994

June 18, 1994

From the Erie Civic Center in Erie, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


The show starts off with a package on all eight King of the Ring Tournament competitors with the question of who will become the King of the Ring.


Tatanka vs. Dave Criner

Tatanka attacks Criner in the corner then hits a back drop. He follows with a few hard chops then uses an arm drag as we now see Owen Hart standing in the aisle to scout his opponent in the 1st round of the tournament. Lawler then leaves to conduct an interview with Owen as we get a split screen of the match and the interview. Owen said he is scouting the situation then we get off split screen as Owen promises Tatanka will ride off into the sunset then laughs over Bret needing help by having a family member in his corner. Owen now taunts Tatanka then Owen tells the “injun” that it will be his unlucky day at the PPV. Criner lands a few shots as Lawler is back on commentary but Tatanka dances around then runs wild until hitting a flying chop gets the win (3:22). Owen then yells into the camera about Tatanka going down at the PPV.

Thoughts: Lots of focus on the Tatanka/Owen match at King of the Ring. And the focus on the KotR 1st round matches will be the theme of the show.


The Hall of Fame video package airs.


Koko B. Ware vs. “The Rocket” Owen Hart

Vince mentions how these two were former tag team partners. Owen yells then shoves Koko. Owen slaps Koko then takes him down and yells how he never liked or trusted Koko. Owen then runs Koko’s face across the top rope but Koko fights back. Koko dropkicks Owen as we now see Tatanka watch from the interview platform. Koko works the arm as we see Tatanka look at the match. Vince chastises Lawler for not having the guts to interview Tatanka like he did with Owen then they talk about the Piper impersonator. Koko hurts his knee landing on a leap frog then Owen attacks it while the crowd chants for Bret. Owen stays in control then puts Koko away with the Sharpshooter (3:19) *1/4.

Thoughts: Decent little match here that ended up being Koko’s last match with WWE until he came back to put over Rob Conway on an episode of “Heat” in 2005.


WWF Live Event News plugs the Marathon Tour in New York.


Clip of The Undertaker’s return from last week.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano vs. Curtis Harrison & Larry Marconi

Marconi was a little better known as Lou Marconi. We see an insert of Bret Hart’s of Lawler inside of “WWF Magazine” as Harrison & Marconi sneak attack the champs. Fatu comes back with a clothesline on Harrison as the announcers talk about the Tag Team Title match at the PPV. Marconi tags in and gets destroyed as the camera shows us Albano rambling on the outside. The Headshrinkers stay in control until Fatu hits a top rope splash for the win (1:46). After the match, Lawler uses his Royal Magistrator to turn Albano’s face into Fred Flintstone. And it looks just like him too.

Thoughts: Some hype for the Tag Team Title match at King of the Ring, which does not have any buzz whatsoever.


Heartbreak Hotel with guest Diesel. We hear Diesel talk about Bret suffering from a fear of heights and also tells Bret to bring his entire family to the PPV so they can witness his last title defense and possibly his last match in the WWF. Diesel then wants to be able to look into Bret’s father’s eyes, on Father’s Day, to tell him Bret did not measure up then Shawn proclaims Diesel as the new World Heavyweight Champion. Fairly basic promo here and with these lines Diesel came off a bit wooden but he still has a great look and charisma, which sets him apart from this flimsy roster.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. Emilio Ulcia

Lawler talks more trash about Piper as Bigelow shoves Ulcia into the corner. Bigelow stomps away as we see Razor Ramon watching the match from the aisle. The crowd chants “Razor” as that angers Bigelow but Bigelow gets up top and puts Ulcia away with the Luna-sault (1:49).

Thoughts: We see another person come out and scout their first round opponent in the tournament.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. We now see Pettengill predict the tournament. He has Mabel, Razor, Jeff Jarrett, and Tatanka advancing into the second round then Razor beating Tatanka in the Finals.


The address for the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation appears on the screen.


Kristen Setilli is the guest ring announcer. She is wearing a Razor shirt. Lawler makes fun of her for having big ears. The poor kid is just barely a teenager.


Razor Ramon vs. Tracy Padell

Vince tells us that Mabel vs. Nikolai Volkoff is next and that The Undertaker will be here next week. Razor tosses around Padell as we see Bigelow now scouting from the interview platform. Razor hits a super back suplex then uses the Razor’s Edge for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: We get word of what I guess is a featured match in Mabel vs. Volkoff as yet again we see KotR Tournament opponents scouting each other.


Another WWF Live Event News segment plugging the Marathon Tour


Mabel w/ Oscar vs. Nikolai Volkoff w/ Ted DiBiase

Volkoff attacks Mabel from behind. He continues to hammer away as DiBiase smiles in approval. Volkoff takes Mabel down with a big boot then hits a knee drop for a nearfall. The crowd chants for Mabel as Volkoff boots Mabel in the face a few times. Volkoff chokes out Mabel on the mat but soon after that Mabel reverses an Irish whip and hits a flying shoulder tackle. Mabel takes Volkoff down with a drop toe hold then we see IRS run out and attack Mabel for the DQ (1:44) 1/4*. IRS & Volkoff attack the leg until Tatanka runs out for the save. However, Owen runs out then Razor and Bigelow as we get a brawl until the show ends.

Thoughts: We get the brawl among six of the eight King of the Ring Competitors to close out the show as a way to hype the PPV. No idea why they did not bother throwing out Jarrett and Kid as they were both present for this TV taping. At least the match was kept short and it wasnt a total embarrassment or anything.


Final Thoughts: This was all PPV hype but really most of it fell flat as this product is just not very good at the moment. Next week we will get the fallout but with the PPV a day away the buzz is not there.