The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr–10.15.19

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 10.15.19

Episode 2 – “Clickbait”

Taped from GBP Studios in Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Jim Cornette, who are hoping for more control over the desk than we had in the debut episode.

Aron Stevens joins us to start (aka Damien Sandow) as he’s back from Hollywood and sounding a lot more natural and human than he was in WWE. And since he’s a serious thespian now, he demands no eye contact. So David Marquez asks him his plans (“DON’T LOOK AT HIM!” yells the crowd) and Aron is unconcerned about anyone in the NWA.

Trevor Murdoch v. Ricky Starks

No idea what Murdoch has been doing for the past decade but it’s weird that he’s a grizzled veteran now. Starks gets the armdrags to start, but Murdoch dodges a dropkick and gives us a pose. They exchange chops and Murdoch puts him down with a big boot, but then goes up and misses a legdrop off the middle rope, and Starks gets two. Neckbreaker gets two for Starks. Starks works the arm and goes up with a beauty of a missile dropkick, but Murdoch gets into the ropes. Murdoch blocks a tornado DDT and throws him across the ring, but Starks finishes him with a crucifix at 3:33. Starks looked kind of generic here but the match was fine. **1/4

Over at the desk, Ricky gets a handshake from Murdoch because it just wasn’t his night, and we learn that the ladies call Ricky “Stroke Daddy” and he’s accepting of the fact that Marquez just can’t be as good looking as him. Well that’s nice. He might be a little funny, but at the end of the day he’s counting YO money. They should have done the promo first but it was still really good.

Meanwhile, Joe Galli promises a full interview with Nick Aldis and Kamille later, where he asks the TOUGH QUESTIONS, much like Vince McMahon on TNT, like a good broadcast journalist.

Colt Cabana is here, and if ever there’s a guy who is perfect for this show, it’s him. He’s got moves and he’s back at 100% and ready to take the National title back from James Storm. In fact he’ll even do a tag match, because he’s got a guy.

Colt Cabana & Mr. Anderson v. Sal Rinauro & Jordan Kingsley

I could have lived without hearing Ken Anderson again in my life. Colt works the arm on Rinauro and does some wacky schtick, and Anderson comes in with a sideslam. Over to Kingsley and Anderson chops him down. Kingsley hits him with a Pele kick as Joe reveals that Kingsley was trained by Robert Gibson and Cornette denies knowing who that is. Anderson puts Kingsley down and Colt comes in and drops an elbow on him. Anderson hits the rolling fireman’s carry on Kingsley and then brings in Rinauro with the same, and the Mic Check finishes at 3:30.

Meanwhile, Nick Aldis storms out after his interview with Galli and he’s disgusted with the line of questioning that we’ll see later TONIGHT, ON THIS VERY SHOW.


Tony Falk introduces us to his new house of Waffles and Tire Irons. He’s the one who taught Shawn Michaels to speak kiz-arny!

Meanwhile, Eddie Kingston & Homicide are all fired up about the Wild Card(s), who I’m still confused about the pluralization.

Allysin Kay v. Ashley Vox

Kay is the NWA Women’s champion but this is non-title. Cornette has now come to the realization that David Marquez was “born down-stream from the nuclear plant”. He’s no Freddy Miller! Well, really, who is? Kay misses a charge but comes back with a powerslam for two. Kay chops her in the corner but Vox fires back with her own, so Kay hits her with a wheelbarrow suplex for two. Vox gets a sunset flip for two and dropkicks her into the corner to make the comeback. Cannonball gets two. Vox tries a cravat, but Kay puts her away with a reverse piledriver at 3:52. Kay is quite good and of course Vox looked understandably green but this was fine. **1/4

Don’t forget, that interview with Nick Aldis is still coming up.

NEXT WEEK: Tim Storm addresses his future!

James Storm joins us at the desk and he’s suddenly a heel again and he’s happy that Tim Storm is out of the way now and he’s got a clear path to the NWA World title. He lays out his whole redneck deal, but Eli Drake interrupts and advises him to take his shot at Aldis while he’s got the chance. But don’t forget to give Drake the first shot when he wins it.


Austin Idol still has a wrestling school at and his commercials are getting wackier by the week.

NWA World tag team titles: The Wild Card(s) v. Eddie Kingston & Homicide

The ring announcements are kind of weirdly done in post-production by Marquez. Not sure what happened there. Lattimer beats on Kingston in the corner, but he has to duck a backfist and brings in Isaacs. Kingston & Homicide double-team both guys with shoulderblocks to clear the ring, and Homicide gets a flying forearm on Isaacs for two. Man, Homicide came from a tough neighborhood, according to Cornette…


It was so tough that people don’t shoot you, they insert the bullets manually! It’s so tough that the restaurant on the corner served “Broken Leg of Lamb”.

Man, that’s a tough neighborhood to grow up in.

Lattimer comes in with a chinlock on the very tough Homicide, and Isaacs gets a powerslam out of the corner for two. Homicide fights his way out of the corner, but Isaacs hits him with a forearm to the back of the head for two. Isaacs slugs him down and Lattimer goes to a chinlock and slams him back into the heel corner. Isaacs goes up and Homicide cuts him off, and it’s hot tag Kingston. He chops everyone and hits Lattimer with a uranage, but the villainous Dawsons run in for the DQ at 6:10 and beat on the babyfaces. As with everything else on this episode, this was fine but unremarkable. **1/2

Nick Aldis finally sits down for the full interview with Joe Galli. Joe wants to know why he needs Kamille as an insurance policy. Aldis is like “What are you, Walter Cronkite?” and goes off about how he lost the title to “an inferior athlete” at All In and then decided to add Kamille after that. In fact, you can’t even name a time when she ever did anything illegal. So Joe asks Kamille what her thoughts are, and she’s not talking. So I guess we’re done.

Not as over the top fantastic as the debut was, but still a solid hour of no-nonsense studio wresting that flies by.

Also, the NWA returns to PPV on December 14, apparently. So that’s cool.