1999 ECW on TNN

Hi Scott, 

Just in case you need extra motivation to continue with these reviews, I think they serve as great companion pieces to 2019 Raw. 

After that one episode with the crazy Braun-Lashley brawl, I think fans were optimistic that we were getting the innovative Paul E who mined all of the potential out of cast-offs like Dreamer, Raven, Sandman, and even (The Rookie) Rhino. 

But it seems we might instead have the 1999/2000 Paul E who was out of ideas, and didn't care if angles made sense. Is Lacey  a face now? Is Nattie a heel now? Wait a minute, Seth is a literal arsonist?! Braun is a boxer after one match establishing his right hand? Bring in an actual boxer to fight him!

I'm just hoping that the draft "shakeups" will provide the new GMs with the rosters they want and we can actually start down something resembling a normal narrative path. 

I'm honestly just astonished that Heyman actually managed to last longer than Bischoff.  Usually the Heyman-WWE relationship goes south after a month, so maybe one or both of the parties have mellowed over the years, who knows.