WWF Countdown to the Crowning – June 13th, 1994

This was billed as a special edition of RAW. However, it was hosted inside of a studio. And a poorly lit one at that. The production values for this show were even worse than usual.


June 13, 1994

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. The Headshrinkers (c) w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano

Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase are the announcers for this match. It took place at the 5/25 “Superstars” tapings in Erie, PA. DiBiase talks about it being hard to prepare against The Headshrinkers. Jacques gets decked after shoving Samu. Jacques retreats to the corner after getting hit with a falling headbutt then tags out. Pierre turns Fatu inside-out with a clothesline but Fatu comes back with a body block as Polo fans off Pierre with his jacket. Fatu pops up after getting hit with a mat slam then clears the ring as we go to break. We return with Polo tripping up Samu, allowing Jacques to attack from behind. Jacques applies a reverse chin lock as Afa gets the crowd behind Samu. Jacques gets crotched then Fatu tags in but the ref was distracted and did not see it take place. The Quebecers use a few double-team moves but miss with the assisted senton as both men are down. Jacques cuts off a tag but Samu comes back with a double dropkick then the match breaks down with Jacques getting dumped then Fatu puts Pierre away with a top rope splash (6:26 shown) *1/2. After the match, Polo runs into the ring where Afa hits him with a Samoan Drop.

Thoughts: Not the best match and it seemed oddly edited but it was more notable for being the final TV appearance of The Quebecers. Jacques retired, Polo moved soon move behind the camera for the most part until leaving in the Fall, and


Back to the studio as Savage talks up the Headshrinkers, even calling him his favorite team of all-time.


Now, we hear from Crush & Yokozuna along with Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji. They talk about the title match with Cornette telling the Headshrinkers that they betrayed their island brothers. They really tried to use this as a storyline? Good lord.


The announcers plug the King of the Ring Vote Line. I don’t know what you vote on but I guess that’ the new terminology for the hotline.


We now get a video showcasing the “old” and new” with the tagline of the “WWF New Generation” as we go back to the hosts with Savage saying he is the bridge to the new generation. I wish he was because in reality, Savage sat on the sidelines and did commentary while the company trotted out washed up has-beens from the past.


Lord Alfred Hayes narrates a video package on the WWF Hall of Fame ceremony. It showed stars from the past and present at the ceremony along with a few celebrities including Regis Philbin.


The hosts now talk about the title match between Bret Hart and Diesel. Savage calls Bret the “superstar of superstars” but that Diesel will win as he is unaware of which family member will be in Bret’s corner.


Replay of Bret Hart getting attacked on the King’s Court.


Now, video packages on how everyone ended up qualifying for the KotR Tournament.


Now, the hosts go to the bracket with Savage predicting the entire tournament. He has IRS, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jeff Jarrett, and Tatanka advancing into the second round. Then, Bigelow and Jarrett in the finals with Bigelow winning. Hopefully, no one tried to bet with these predictions.


We get a video package hyping the Jerry Lawler vs. Roddy Piper match at the PPV.


The hosts talk about Lawler vs. Piper as Savage believes Piper will win because he is fighting for the kids in Toronto while Vince thinks Lawler will have a trick up his sleeve.


Replay of last week’s Kings Court featuring the Piper impersonator.


The spotlight is on in the ring with the King of the Ring crown, jacket, and throne. Raymond Rougeau is with WWF President Jack Tunney where they announce all of the KotR Tournament participants. They all stand in the ring, faces and heels on separate sides, as Vince asks who will be the King of the Ring and hypes the PPV as we see graphics of the 1st round matchups. A waste of time. It came off like a pageant that no one cared about.


Final Thoughts: A hype show should make you want to order the PPV. However, this particular show had the opposite effect. Between the lack of action and recycled clips to go along with minimal wrestling, this show was a hard pass.