Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 03-24-1984

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: March 24, 1984 (taped 03/16)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Will Kerry and Parsons defeat the Super Destroyers?  How will Adams fare against Roberts? Will Garvin be involved? What major announcement does Fritz have for us? And who will join me for this pumped-up episode?

If it’s noise you want, Conan, it’s noise you’ll get…

(Like many in ‘84, I didn’t know that Quiet Riot only covered this song, yet Slade wrote it.)

Opening montage.

To begin the show, we revisit last week’s show in progress when Adams and Parsons defeated Garvin and Link by DQ.

**MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT** Marc Lowrance interviews Fritz Von Erich at the studio. According to Fritz, either Kevin or Kevin will challenge for the NWA World title at Texas Stadium on May 6 “in David’s memory.” Next, he decrees that “there will be a new World heavyweight champion crowned that afternoon.” To close the segment, Lowrance asks that donations be made to:

David Von Erich Memorial Gym

Temple Baptist Church

Lewisville, TX 75067

A quick Google search reveals a Temple Baptist Church in Flower Mound, TX approximately seven miles from Lewisville; however, no gymnasium is listed on their web site.

Match 1: Kelly Kiniski versus Mike Reed


  • Kiniski put a knee into Reed’s midsection and followed with a flying back elbow for 2.
  • When he delivered an inverted atomic drop, Kiniski hit another elbow drop.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Kiniski won.

Rating: DUD

Summary: Brisk showcase match for Kiniski.

Match 2: “Gentleman” Chris Adams (w/ Sunshine) versus Buddy “Jack” Roberts


  • Adams delivered a cross body block and got 2.
  • As he hooked a sunset flip, Adams earned another 2-count.
  • He then attempted a Thesz press, but Roberts head-butted him in the midsection. Methinks that was a blown
  • When Roberts hit a knee lift, he clotheslined Adams for 2.
  • He then guillotined Adams with the top rope, mounted the second turnbuckle, and landed an elbow drop for another 2.
  • After he guillotined Adams again, Roberts received the same treatment from Adams on the apron.
  • Adams then superkicked a pleading Roberts and scored with a second superkick following an Irish whip.
  • Suddenly, Garvin stormed the ring and attacked Adams.
  • As a result, Adams won by DQ.

Rating: *½

Summary: Poor chemistry between these two as they didn’t flow well together until the storyline finish.

After the match, Garvin and Roberts double-team Adams until Mike Von Erich makes the save to a thunderous response from the Dallas faithful.

Match 3 (non-title): NWA American tag champions the Super Destroyers (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) versus the “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich & “Iceman” King Parsons


  • #1 leap-frogged Kerry but ate a dropkick.
  • When Kerry slammed him, #1 tagged out.
  • Kerry then reversed an Irish whip and backdropped #2.
  • As tags were exchanged on both sides, Parsons nailed an incoming #1.
  • From the second turnbuckle, #1 leaped but ate a shot to the midsection from Parsons.
  • After Kerry tagged in, he missed a knee drop.
  • #2 tagged in and put a knee into Kerry’s midsection.
  • When #1 tagged in, Akbar distracted Parsons away from the babyface corner.
  • #1 then delivered a diving head butt and got 2.
  • As Parsons tagged in, he dropkicked #1.
  • Parsons then hit a back elbow, but #1 rebounded with a dropkick.
  • After #2 tagged in, he delivered a gutwrench suplex for 2.
  • He then hit a sidewalk slam, but Parsons rebounded with a sunset flip for 2.
  • When Kerry tagged in, he provided the tag champions with a double noggin knocker.
  • He then slammed #2 and followed with a knee drop.
  • As Kerry applied a sleeper, #1 saved his partner by nailing Kerry in the back.
  • Upon tossing Kerry to the floor, the tag champions double-clotheslined Parsons.
  • While Parsons delivered a butt butt to #1, Kerry mounted the top turnbuckle and connected with a cross body block to #2.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Kerry and Parsons won.

Rating: **

Summary: The tag champions didn’t look very strong here as Parsons and Kerry took what they had and beat them anyway. Perhaps Akbar has something else up his sleeve to foil the tremendously-over babyfaces.

Conclusion:  The big announcement of an NWA World title match featuring either Kerry or Kevin highlights this episode. As far as the actual wrestling goes, Kerry and Parsons steamrolled the Super Destroyers, Adams and Roberts couldn’t win a tango competition, and Kiniski was featured in a short squash. What are your thoughts, Conan?

Thanks for stopping by, Conan. Who knows where you’ll end up? Politics, perhaps?

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for WCCW 03-31-84!

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