Randy Savage – unluckiest GOAT contender?

Hi Scott

What are your thoughts on Savage being a serious contender for the greatest of all time label? 

Off the charts charisma, great on the mic, able to be heel or face, in his prime an unbelievable worker. 

In a world where Hogan didnt exist its easy to imagine him in Hogans spot and WWF not doing dissimilar in terms of success. 

I cant help but feel he is just seriously unlucky to be around when Hogan was and he would quite possibly be a shoe in if not. 


Don't have to convince me too hard that Savage is one of the greatest of all time.  However, once he hit 1993, he fell off HARD, and I think that hurts him in the overall conversation.  Guys like Rock and Austin retired before they got too far away from their peak and became self-parody in the ring, whereas Savage spent a good chunk of the 90s doing the "sell for 4 minutes and then drop the big elbow" formula to diminishing returns.