WWF Superstars – June 11th, 1994

June 11, 1994

From the Erie Civic Center in Erie, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

We learn that there is a hearse parked outside as the announcers speculate as to whether or not DiBiase has found The Undertaker.


Yokozuna & Crush w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette vs. Smoking Gunns

The Gunns immediately run in and attack their opponents. They send them outside with double dropkicks and get the crowd going. Yokozuna & Crush huddle with Fuji as the announcers hype up the Counting to the Crowning show. The crowd starts a USA chant as Lawler talks about Piper. Billy catches Crush with a boot in the corner then hits a bulldog for a two count. Vince talks about both Crush and Lex Luger screwing each other out of being entered into the King of the Ring Tournament as The Gunns run wild on Crush. Yokozuna low-bridges Bart, who is now selling a shoulder injury. Crush boots Bart from the apron then rolls him inside and hits a side slam. Yokozuna tags into the match and Bart gets dropped with a double clothesline. Yokozuna knocks Billy off of the apron as the heels are cutting the ring in half. Crush hits a thrust kick for a nearfall then we go to break. The match returns with Yokozuna working a nerve hold. Yokozuna then turns Bart inside out with a clothesline but misses an avalanche. Billy tags in and drops Yokozuna with a bulldog then runs wild on Crush. The match breaks down now with the Gunns using stereo mounted punches in the corner until Yokozuna dumps Bart outside. Billy then nearly puts Yokozuna away with a crossbody as the crowd bought that nearfall but Crush attacks Billy then Yokozuna hits a leg drop for the win (7:35 shown) **1/4. Cornette then tells us his men are the next champions.

Thoughts: This match wound up being a lot better than it looked on paper. The Gunns worked hard and got in a lot of offense considering their opponents were teaming on TV for the first time and getting a title match at the PPV. And the crowd was into the Gunns here too.


WWF Live Event News is on the WrestleMania Revenge Tour show at Madison Square Garden and how fans won the chance to meet Bret Hart and be his special manager.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Derek Stone

Stone kicks Doink in the face then hammers away. Doink breaks up a side headlock with a back suplex as the announcers talk about the Jarrett/Doink feud. Doink stays in control as Lawler continues to trash-talk Piper. Doink works an armbar on the mat as Vince touts the WrestleMania Revenge tour. Doink then heads up top and hits the Whoopie Cushion for the win, complete with the sound effect (1:55). Lawler now calls himself the “King of Calamity.”

Thoughts: While they did talk about the Doink/Jarrett feud most of the focus on commentary was Lawler going off of Piper.


Replay from King’s Court with the Piper impersonator.


We now see another Bottom Line segment from Piper. Well, it was just a clip. Having a PPV main even built up solely through taped promos and insults by the other person on commentary with no actual face-to-face confrontation is a bold choice to say the least.


The announcers plug the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” with Diesel on the cover that includes a feature on Stan Lane


David Paul is a guest ring announcer. He is wearing the newest Tatanka shirt.


Kenny Hendrix vs. IRS

Before the match, IRS uses the video wall to call out Mabel & Oscar for being tax cheats and how they will pay at King of the Ring. He then says the crowd will keep cheating on and evading their taxes but they will all pay. We then get an insert promo from Mabel & Oscar as Mabel wants to know if IRS can handle him. IRS takes control early but Hendrix manages to get a crossbody for a one count. However, IRS beats him down then puts on The Penalty for the win (1:00).

Thoughts: At least the match was quick. IRS’s match against Mabel at the PPV was being pushed here, not the Tatanka feud.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Reno Riggins

Vince reminds us how Droese dumped garbage all over Lawler a few weeks ago. And really, who could forget that moment. Riggins talks trash (ha!) then gets shoved down. Droese catches Riggins with a slam as the announcers run down some house show dates. Droese then hits a suplex and an elbow drop as Vince says he was informed we will have the opportunity to see if Undertaker is in fact here after this match. Riggins lands a few shots but gets caught in a powerslam then he his another powerslam for the win (1:52).

Thoughts: This was all about teasing The Undertaker’s return for the following segment.


Heartbreak Hotel with guest Ted DiBiase. Shawn talks about the ratings of this show soaring to new heights as the camera then zooms in on Diesel’s Intercontinental Title. Shawn then says Diesel will fulfill their dream of bringing the title back to the Heartbreak Hotel and how you get more prestige and money. DiBiase comes out and brags how “he is mine” and that all the doubters have been proven wrong. DiBiase says his resources allowed him to get The Undertaker then introduces him. The music plays and Undertaker comes out as the camera shoots just a glimpse of his face from below then shoots him from the back. Shawn cannot believe it then congratulates DiBiase. The Undertaker then speaks as Shawn sticks the mic in his face. They zoom in on that with the mic covering most of Undertaker’s mouth as Undertaker says the only thing to fear is fear itself. DiBiase does his evil laugh to close out the segment as Vince screams “oh no” with regards to Undertaker aligning with DiBiase. This was not The original Undertaker but rather Brian Lee as the Undertaker. Lee was actually the best man at Undertaker’s wedding.  I thought how they shot this to hide the fact it was not the original Undertaker was clever but once you saw a glimpse of the face you knew it wasn’t the original. According to the “Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter,” Wade Keller reported that Mark Callaway (The original Undertaker) was in fact in the building during these tapings and gave pointers to Lee on how to learn the subtleties of the gimmick. And in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Dave Meltzer reported that the company was going to dub in the original Undertaker’s voice for promos. Meltzer also reported this in the 5/26 edition of the Observer: “Brian Lee was told not to go in the sun and not to cut his hair and with the addition of tattoos on his arm and a similar hairstyle looks to be coming in as something like an Undertaker evil twin.” So, an Observer reader would have had some sort of idea that a second Undertaker would exist.


The announcers talk about the crowd being in shock over what we just saw.


Final Thoughts: The big news was the Undertaker returning and aligning with DiBisae, although we will see how this plays out in the coming weeks. The featured match was better than expected while the rest of the show was basic King of the Ring hype with the PPV now just eight days away.