Saudi Shows

You said “nothing ever happens” at the Saudi shows but I think that’s disputed with Brock winning the title at CJ one and Shane’s best in the world gimmick dominating TV. The WWE is banking two crossover sports guys in the top two matches. So obviously this is a huge deal for them. 

As far as Cain/Brock. If Cain Goldberg’s him and carries the belt to WM, you don’t see massive heat from actual, date I say, wrestling fans. I Barry watch non-NXT WWE, and cancelled my subscription simply because I barely watch their main roster product and I can get NXT on USA now. You don’t think after HIAC, having a UFC guy walk in and win the world title will have negative impacts on SD ratings and network subscriptions?

Ronda was a legit star with crossover appeal. Cain Velasquez is a niche attraction who beat Brock literally years ago… who even gives a shit?

Not sure if you're arguing at me about the Cain thing, but you are correct, no one is likely to give a shit.  Cain wasn't even a ratings mover for UFC when he was in his prime.  Plus this show is at 1pm EST, on a THURSDAY, on HALLOWEEN.  There's no one ordering this show or probably even watching it the same day.  
On the bright side, we'll also get the largest tag team turmoil match in history to crown the Best Tag Team in the World, so at least that'll be settled once and for all.