Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 03-17-1984

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: March 17, 1984 (taped 03/02)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Can Adams and Parsons achieve victory over Garvin and Link? Will Hayes slaughter Mike, or will the young rookie prevail? Who will join me for this St. Patrick’s Day edition?

Patrick Swayze! Great to have you here. Despite the notion that you’re not a saint, ridding snakes from WCCW makes sense. Unfortunately, Roberts is competing for Georgia Championship Wrestling at the moment. Stick around for a great Irish tune.

Opening montage.

Match 1: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed versus Mike Bond


  • Bond leap-frogged and dropkicked Reed.
  • When Reed rebounded with a knee to Bond’s midsection, he slammed Bond.
  • He then suplexed Bond for 2.
  • As Bond hit a back elbow, he ate a high knee.
  • Reed then military-press-slammed Bond before launching a flying shoulder block.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Reed won.

Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Reed.

After the match, Parsons enters the ring and challenges Reed. I foresee this matchup coming to an arena near you.

Match 2: Mike Von Erich versus Michael Hayes


  • After the introductions, Hayes questioned Mike if he truly wanted to wrestle him. Cocky!
  • While the Dallas faithful chanted “go home, Freebirds,” their hero dropkicked Hayes.
  • Thwarting torture from Hayes, Mike supplied him with a ten top-turnbuckle count-along.
  • Hayes rebounded with a clothesline and followed with an elbow drop.
  • As he slammed Mike, Hayes delivered a knee drop for 2.
  • He then leap-frogged Mike who inadvertently knocked down referee Bronko Lubich.
  • With Lubich down, Hayes took advantage and tossed Mike over the top rope to the floor. SNEAKY!
  • He then tossed Mike back in and got 2.
  • When he bulldogged Mike, Hayes made an overconfident cover.
  • Mike then flipped Hayes on his back.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Mike won.

Rating: *½

Summary: A copious amount of smoke and mirrors did its job to hide Mike’s inexperience and give him a crowd-pleasing win over his archenemy.

Following a commercial break, a video featuring the Missing Link airs. I doubt the music on the WWE Network version is accurate because Quiet Riot would be more appropriate.

Next, the aftermath from the Adams-Garvin mix-up last week airs when Garvin, sitting at the broadcast table, demands his “stuff” back. He also claims that Adams is a “thief.” While throwing a major temper tantrum, he won’t watch the footage. Upon Garvin’s exit, the footage airs.

Match 3: “Gentleman” Chris Adams & “Iceman” King Parsons versus “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin & the Missing Link (w/ Precious & Gen. Skandor Akbar)


  • To mock Garvin, Adams wore Garvin’s accoutrements. HA!
  • A brawl began the bout, but after it settled down to one-on-one, Garvin backdropped Adams.
  • When Link tagged in, a bunch of heel chicanery occurred.
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides, and Parsons head-butted Garvin.
  • As Link interfered, he ate a few shots from Parsons that sent him between the ropes to the floor.
  • While Sunshine hurriedly ran away from Link, Parsons slammed Garvin.
  • He then delivered an elbow drop for 2.
  • After Parsons got distracted with the shenanigans outside the ring, Link clobbered him from behind.
  • Heel miscommunication ensued, and Garvin refused to tag back into the ring.
  • When Link gave Parsons a cross corner whip, he whispered “Move!” beforehand.
  • Hence, he came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Tags were exchanged on both sides again while Adams whiffed on a superkick to Garvin.
  • As Garvin slammed Adams, he screamed “I want my stuff!”
  • He then clotheslined Adams for 2.
  • After Link tagged in, he head-butted Adams in the chest for another 2.
  • To counter a reverse chin lock, Adams sandwiched Link in the corner. Pass the corned beef please!
  • Hot tag Parsons.
  • When he gave Garvin a cross corner whip, Parsons backdropped him.
  • He then hit an elbow drop for 2.
  • As he head-butted Garvin, Parsons only got 1 thanks to a save by Link.
  • All four wrestlers were in the ring while Link head-butted Adams over the top rope to the floor.
  • With Adams unavailable to help, Garvin held Parsons, and Link launched a head butt from the second turnbuckle.
  • Referee Bronko Lubich had seen enough and disqualified the heels.
  • Parsons and Adams won by DQ.

Rating: **½

Summary: The dynamic between Parsons-Link and Adams-Garvin told a decent story while the tag formula worked until the crappy finish.

Afterward, Garvin retrieves his goodies until Adams returns to nail him. Adams then backdrops him causing Garvin to drop his stuff. When Adams dropkicks him, Garvin hightails it leaving his valuables behind.

Conclusion:  The game of I took your stuff between Garvin and Adams progressed as Garvin failed to retrieve his ring attire. I’m surprised as you are that Hayes’ cockiness cost him dearly against Mike. From what we saw, Parsons moved on to grapple with Reed in an intriguing matchup. What did you think, Patrick?

Absolutely! Thanks for your time, and be safe out there!

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for WCCW 03-24-84!

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