Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Welcome to Monday nights! It was another eventful week of wrestling and there was a lot to consume and talk about. So, for those interested, my quick thoughts:

— NWA Powerrr probably gave me the most joy to watch. Shortly after I watched it I wanted to be the studio for tapings in the near future. I also felt like I got a lot out of as a first-time watcher. The talent that was showcased explained who they were and why they were here. That’s nice to see.

— NXT had the best wrestling top to bottom. AEW was pretty good too. I didn’t like the tag match as much as some because it just felt like moves and more moves with a lot of athleticism and little transitioning or reason. Did like the one guy in Private Party, the one with the blond highlights. He felt like a star to me.

— I already said my piece on the Bayley turn from Smackdown. It was well done and fairly definitive, but it was also the final result of how creative on the main shows truly failed her despite having what should have been a simple transition. It’s a failure on the top management because she should have been a major money and merchant mover. Vince and Dunn’s fixation with Charlotte is probably as much to blame as anything and they don’t understand that female characters can have levels of depth beyond being bitchy and petty.

Anyway that’s that. Tonight RAW will have the rest of the televised draft and maybe FOX’s football robot will return.

Lions-Packers is your Monday Night Game.

Cardinals-Nationals is your MLB playoff game.

The Deuce is my show that I am enjoying immensely.

Keep it clean!