It’s A Little Thing, But…

Hey Scott–

I know in the grand scheme of WWE's issues, this is way down on the list, but can we take a moment to acknowledge how insane that draft was?

A draft in any legitimate sport is meant to get the most elite players onto your team. However, in "The Universe", let's take a look at who does not currently have a home brand:

The WWE Champion

The Universal Champion

The Smackdown Women's Champion (the one who walked in or walked out with the belt; take your pick)

The Intercontinental Champion

The Raw Tag Team Champions

Can you imagine working for a sports organization on draft day, and running up to your GM to say, "Boss! This guy is projected to have a mediocre career where he spends the majority of it on the bench! We GOTTA take him in the first round!!!"

Lord knows I'd pass up the Viking Space Lord so I could get my hands on Heavy Machinery...
It's such a weird fake draft because they spent a bunch of time coming up with wacky skits in the war room that are apparently referencing the NFL draft, but they couldn't actually come up with a set of rules that made any sense and had internal logic.