WWF Monday Night RAW – June 6th, 1994

June 6, 1994

From the Struthers Fieldhouse in Youngstown, OH

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and “Macho Man” Randy Savage


We see the lumberjacks make their way to the ring for the King of the Ring qualifying match between Tatanka and Crush. Razor decked IRS


King of the Ring Qualifying Lumberjack Match: Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Tatanka

IRS distracts Tatanka, allowing Crush to attack from behind. We now see the Lumberjacks get into the ring and square off but they end up leaving after being reprimanded by the referee. Crush chokes out Tatanka in the corner. He tosses Tatanka outside where Vince screams about Tatanka getting cheap-shotted. Tatanka gets rolled inside where Crush applies a chin lock. The fans get behind Tatanka as he escapes but Crush knocks him back down. Crush slams Tatanka but misses a knee drop then Tatanka runs wild. Tatanka knocks Crush outside with a standing dropkick then covers after he’s rolled in and gets two. We go to break and return with Tatanka working an armbar. Crush escapes and stomps Tatanka then goes to work on the arm. Vince tells us that Lex Luger was not allowed at ringside per Jack Tunney as the crowd gets behind Tatanka a bit. Crush hits a backbreaker for two then goes back to the arm. Tatanka gets out and clotheslines crush for a two count. Back elbow smash gets two. Crush comes back with an inverted atomic drop that gets two after he took his time before covering. Crush goes back to the arm but Tatanka escapes again then yells at IRS until Crush attacks from behind in a sequence that made him look like a moron. Crush goes back to the arm again but Tatanka fights back and we go to another break. Tatanka is still in control when we return and fires away while Crush is tied up in the ropes. Crush fights back and gets a few nearfalls before grounding Tatanka with a front facelock. Tatanka is now outside where Yokozuna stomps him down then the others join in but now the lumberjacks start fighting. Tatanka gets rolled back inside and Crush covers but that still only gets two. Crush cuts off a comeback attempt as Vince calls this a “romp ’em, stomp ’em” type of match. Whatever. Crush gets another two count this time with a vertical suplex then Crush gets tossed outside where he proceeds to beat down the face lumberjacks until Luger runs out and takes Crush down with the forearm smash. Crush is now rolled inside where Tatanka is out on the mat. The face lumberjacks slap the apron and get the fans into the match then Tatanka crawls over and drapes his arms over Crush and gets the win (17:10 shown) *1/2.

Thoughts: Long, boring match. The lumberjack stuff really only came in play for the finish as the rest of the match was mostly on the mat. We now saw Luger get revenge on Crush as both men have cost each other the opportunity to become King of the Ring. Then again, with Crush already part of the Tag Team Title match on the PPV you’d figure he was not going to be in the tournament. I also believe the WWF Magazine tipped off the finish of the match before it aired too.


King of the Ring Report is next. We see another “Bottom Line” clip from Piper as he rags on Lawler then shows us how he came from the streets.


The announcers plug the King of the Ring Hotline.


We get a plug for next week’s show titled “Countdown to the Crowning” that features The Headshrinkers vs. The Quebecers for the Tag Team Titles.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. John Paul

Paul grabs a side headlock as the announcers talk about Bigelow vs. Razor at the King of the Ring. Paul works the arm after avoiding a falling headbutt. Bigelow comes back with a slam then beats Paul down. The announcers talk about all sorts of stuff like Savage saying he had a crush on Betty Rubble as a kid to Vince talking about Bob Woodward’s comments about Hillary Clinton possibly being president. Bigelow continues his beatdown as Savage talks about the USA World Premiere movie. Paul manages a sunset flip for a two count but runs into a clothesline then Bigelow hits a twisting splash for the win (2:49).

Thoughts: Some hype for the Bigelow/Razor first round match at the PPV.


An ad hyping the WrestleMania Revenge tour.


We get footage of the D-Day Challenge as the  WWF stars defeated the Combined Seaforces of the Armed Forces in a tug-of-war.


King’s Court is up next. Lawler talks about how at King of the Ring he will be facing a guy from Scotland who wears a dress. He then adds how only a true king would have enough guts to bring that person out. However, instead of Roddy Piper, we get an impersonator that weights about 125 lbs. The voice is solid and its all a big goof on Piper but they beat this joke into the ground as it went on for far too long. Piper then says he wants to back out of their match then gets on his knees begging to let him out of their match. Lawler demands Piper kiss his feet then makes him crawl out of the ring. If they shortened this and had the real Piper come out then it would have gotten over. However, since there has yet to be a confrontation of any kind between Piper and Lawler this feud is really lacking and its pushed more than anything else on the PPV. Not a good sign.


Razor Ramon vs. Keith Davis

Davis is Jeff Hardy, who is not even 17 years old at this point. He is definitely rocking the Vanilla Ice haircut. Razor beats down Davis and catches him with a fallaway slam. Vince now talks about the Hall of Fame ceremony as Razor tells Davis “welcome to the big time” before kicking him in the face. Razor stays in control and toys with Davis as the announcers talk about the KotR first round matches. Razor puts Davis up top only to take him off then kicks him around before hitting a super back suplex then the Razor’s Edge for the win (3:59).

Thoughts: Razor is getting pushed as part of the King of the Ring tournament. In his RF Video shoot interview, Hardy said that Razor beat the crap out of him in this match and was on the verge of crying afterwards. Apparently, Razor was having a bad day and took it out on him.


We see a new clip from Paul Bearer. He still does not believe that Ted DiBiase will produce his Undertaker.


The announcers plug Countdown to the Crowning then we see DiBiase. Vince asks if he has The Undertaker as DiBiase promises to produce him this weekend on Superstars.


Final Thoughts: The final KotR Tournament slot has been filled and that match also got more heat on the Crush/Luger feud. The Piper segment was funny for a little bit and the rest of the show was hyping the PPV and the tease of The Undertaker appearing on Superstars.