The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr–10.08.19

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 10.08.19

Enough people e-mailed me asking about this one that I thought I should give it a look. It’s got Dokken doing the theme song in 2019 so I’m already in.

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Jim Cornette

The deal here is of course that Billy Corgan basically has recreated the look and feel of Georgia Championship Wrestling and Techwood Studios from the 70s.

Nick Aldis joins us at the desk with his 10 pounds of gold, and he puts over all the new talent, and he hasn’t busted his ass for a decade to do the J-O-B in the A-T-L later tonight against Tim Storm. The crowd is a fan of all of this and so am I, as the promo really sold the show and established exactly what we’re getting here.

The Dawsons v. Sal Rinauro & Billy Buck

Jim Cornette isn’t betting on the jobber team here, it should be noted. Zane Dawson gets a suplex on Rinauro for two, and then Billy Buck comes in and gets clobbered. Over to the other Dawson, and they finish with a combination of a running splash into a flapjack piledriver to finish Buck off.

The Dawsons head over to the desk to chat with David Marquez, and they were apparently the people who bullied the other kids in school.

PROMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS PAID FOR BY THE FOLLOWING: Austin Idol has a wrestling school and he’ll teach you how to flake out on promoters like a real pro!

Eli Drake stops by the desk and does his indy geek version of the Rock’s promos, which is still pretty good, but the influences are obvious.

Eli Drake v. Caleb Konley

Konley manages a pair of legsweeps and gets two, then dropkicks Drake into the corner and follows with a monkey flip. A second one is blocked and Drake puts him down with an elbow to the back of the head. Konley tries a rollup and Drake hits him with a neckbreaker for two, but Konley keeps fighting. Drake hits him with a knee strike from the apron and slingshots in with a bodypress for two. Konley fights back again with an enzuigiri and high kick, and a slingshot into a corkscrew splash gets two. Drake whips him into the corner and charges, but Konley catches him with a double stomp to the chest. He goes up, but misses a senton, and Drake puts him away with a hard fought White Noise, or whatever Drake calls it, at 4:20. Very entertaining match with Konley getting a ton of offense.

Meanwhile, Tim Storm agrees to never get another title shot again should he lose in the main event tonight.

Jocephus storms the announce position and rants like Terry Funk about how he wants “Storm”, so James Storm answers and tells him that he’s a joke, which of course triggers a pullapart brawl.

The Wild Cards v. Danny White & Mims

Although the Wild Card are NWA tag team champions, this is non-title. Thom Lattimer drops an elbow on White and beats on Mims, then follows with an impressive spear. So is Mims supposed to be paying tribute to the actor/rapper who played Poet on Oz? Royce Isaacs stomps away on Mims and then tosses him back to his corner for the tag to the other geek, and they finish him with a double team powerbomb. Good squash here as they completely gobbled the geeks and destroyed them.

The Wild Cards insults the fans, but Eddie Kingston interrupts and makes jokes about “Bram” on behalf of New York City. A brawl is teased and Homicide comes out to provide backup, but Jocephus and James Storm suddenly swing through the set like they’re Jim Duggan and Harley Race on the Slammies and we take a break.

Back with Jocephus demanding satisfaction from the Cowboy, but then he runs away when Storm actually takes him up on it. Poor Cornette gets knocked over in the fracas. So Jocephus offers to actually wrestle, but demands that Storm put his hands behind his back first. Sounds fair.

James Storm v. Jocephus

Jocephus charges like Storm is turned around thinking about it, and Storm casually turns around and superkicks him for the pin at 0:03. Tremendous. Jocephus is left unconscious and sucking his thumb on the mat.

Meanwhile, we get some thoughts from Tim Storm, who is humbled by being counted among former NWA World champions and teaches school in his spare time.

Tim Storm joins us in the studio, as we’re reminded that he never gets another title shot again if he loses tonight. He’s got a 94 year old mama and he’s still Mama Storm’s Baby Boy, and he’s got one shot at the title. “That’s all you need!” yells out some redneck in the crowd. That’s great. Tim does a funny bit where he quotes Eminem as a “great philosopher” and tonight is his night!

NWA World title: Nick Aldis v. Tim Storm

They relate the neat story of Tim Storm, who was a journeyman midcarder who suddenly heated up and won the NWA World title at age 51, but then lost it to Aldis in 2017. They slug it out in the corner and Storm wins that, overpowering Aldis at every turn until Nick bails and regroups. Storm chases and beats on Aldis on the floor, but Nick runs him into the post and then runs his back into it as well. Back in the ring, Aldis drops an elbow for two and chops Storm down for two. Aldis with the chinlock, but Storm fights out of it, so Aldis tries a sleeper. Storm runs him into the turnbuckles to break that up and makes a comeback with a big boot and a small package for two. Storm takes him down for a figure-four, but Aldis makes the ropes and tries to go to the top rope. Storm cuts him off with a superplex for two. Storm decides to go up himself, and gets a crossbody for two. He decides to go up again for a senton this time, but Aldis moves and then drops an elbow off the top rope to further injure the back. Aldis with the cloverleaf, but the crowd chants “MAMA STORM” and Tim gets all fired up and powers out to the ropes. That’s great. Storm escapes a powerslam and nearly bumps the ref, but then decides to get desperate and hits a low blow to set up his Perfect Storm (Bossman slam) finisher, which gets two. Storm is running out of ideas, so he goes up again, but Aldis follows him up and they headbutt each other and bump to the floor. Aldis charges him and accidentally clotheslines his own manager, Kamille, and Storm makes the comeback in the ring off that. He tries a suplex to capitalize, but Aldis reverses to a cradle for the pin to retain at 12:11. Great storytelling here with Storm hurting his back and just being too old and hurt to live up to his promise to win the title. ****

Nick Aldis wraps it up and puts Tim Storm over as a great champion and a hell of a man, but then won’t let Kamille talk to the announcer and turns himself heel with the crowd again after being all classy in victory.

This was GREAT. What a week for wrestling shows so far! AEW brings back the 90s, and this brings back the 80s