AEW – Concerns

Hey Scott,


Long time, fist time, and all that.  So I’ve been trying to get on board with AEW, but after a couple shows there are a few things about the product that I’m finding it difficult to get past, and was wondering if you could help convince me they’re worth my time:


  1. The was only ONE in-ring talking segment on this week’s show. It lasted barely five minutes and featured the champion looking like a superstar, clearly stating his motivations, and putting over his cronies as killers. But where was the authority figure to knock him down a peg and make him look like a sissy?
  2. No one is pointing to signs. How do we know what they want?
  3. There are no backstage segments with the sports entertainers interacting as if they don’t see the large camera pointed at them, and speaking in sentences no human being would actually utter.
  4. Furthering point #3, how do we even know there IS a backstage area? Do the sports entertainers appear out from some sort of Stargate onto the entrance ramp, and then disappear back into the Stargate when they leave the ring area?  Do they??
  5. Not a single fart or pee-pee joke. I mean, come on!
  6. The announcers get along, focus on the in-ring action, and speak highly of the sports entertainers in the ring who are sports entertaining. Why are they not arguing more about petty nonsensical bullshit?
  7. They actually announced matches for next week’s show.  Ugh, spoilers!
  8. Did I mention that no one is pointing to signs??


Anyway, thanks for your input and keep up the good work!

I see what you did there.