AEW and its philosophy of “wins/losses matter”

Maybe I’ll come off as a big AEW mark for this (and maybe I am), but what I love most about the product so far is that it already feels like we’re already  organic consequences of past match results in the booking. It’s what makes AEW matches enjoyable to watch compared to the depressing circular experiences they are in WWE.

Match results that were perplexing at the time are now coming full circle. 
Darby Allin goes to a draw with top guy Cody. Seemed odd at the time, but now it’s led to him impressing management and getting a contenders match with Jericho.
PAC beats Omega. Honestly, I thought this was stupid at the time, but now it’s allowed him to organically be inserted into the Mox/Kenny feud *and* allow for a clear 100% heel where Kenny and Moxley are both faces (cleverly and simply removing the problem of not knowing who to cheer for).
Bucks lose in the first round of the tournament but are therefore freed up to continue feuding with Jericho’s top heel tag team.

They’re small touches, sure, but just compare it to WWE match results that don’t mean shit month to month.
Brock loses to Seth but goes and becomes the absent monster champion squashing contenders on the other show anyway. 
Braun gets robbed of the title by Fiend, and we never hear about it again.
Fiend gets destroyed by Seth. Next.
The storytelling is so impulsive and meaningless, it’s disdainful of its own results. 

I’m actually *excited* thinking these AEW results might lead to something. 
Devil's advocate time:  If results mean something, then why is Allin even in line for a title shot?  Or Cody for that matter?  Pac is undefeated and beat two of the top contenders to the title and yet doesn't get a shot.  
Also, I still really disagree with the kneejerk notion that the Bucks shouldn't be the champions because they're the guys in power.  The Bucks are the biggest stars and should get the belts to establish them as a big deal.  I know Cody's getting more tan, but he's not Hulk Hogan yet.  If the best guys for the job happen to be the ones in charge, then so be it.