The Fiend as The Eater of Monsters

So I'm under the impression that Wyatt will recover from the HiaC debacle, especially after Raw went off the air, he appears and got cheers from attacking Cesaro (Seth, on the other hand, is screwed). Now, stick with me here. Apparently Fox wants The Fiend. Wyatt is over big. He no sold a bunch of stuff that they would even do with Taker or Brock. So… Cain Velasquez aside, why not have Wyatt MDK Brock for the title over on Fridays? You'd basically have you Undertaker successor made right there. Just throw a few extra 0's on Brocks check, he'd probably go along with it.

I know this won't happen, because if there was any reason in this world, HiaC wouldn't of happened. But this seems like the perfect way to create you're nee Phenom, so to speak, and could be a reason as to why they didn't put Seth title on him. Beating Brock for a world title is a much bigger deal.

I don’t even think Bray needs a title.  It doesn’t fit with his character and motivations.  He’s more like the Heath Ledger Joker with the “watching the world burn” mentality.  Which is why it’s so stupid that they put him in a title match in the first place!