New takes on old formats

I spent my Tuesday night watching AEW Dark and NWA Powerrrr and I was curious if you had any interest in watching and/or reviewing either. I absolutely love that these are both available for free on YouTube. 

I loved everything about it except the name. The studio format somehow felt vintage & fresh at the same time, a rare 80s reboot that worked. NWA doesn't exactly have the biggest names on its roster right now, but the guys they do have felt like stars in that atmosphere. And the format lets them get over guys pretty quickly. It's a quick hour & I'll keep watching.

Felt like WWF All-American or WCW Main Event, with midcard matches in between Tony giving you the hard sell for next week's Dynamite and the next PPV. I can't tell you how much I loved that they've brought back the Control Center gimmick. And I appreciate the honesty about the matches: these are dark matches from last week but they still matter. A great idea for a B show & I wonder if they ever think about moving it to TV. 

Interesting!  As a look behind the curtain of my brain, NWA Powerrrrrrrrrrr was going to be the review this morning, but my R key was sticking and I couldn’t do it until I fixed it.  No, actually I found the show on YouTube and started the review but then I thought “Why am I watching retro shows done in 2019 when there’s a million actual retro shows that I’ve never seen?” And then I found Memphis instead.  True story. 
AEW Dark intrigues me.  Might add it to the rotation.  
And yes, I’m reviewing Dynamite tonight.  The PVR is set.