WWF Superstars – June 4th, 1994

June 4, 1994

From the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

We start off with a clip from last week when Kwang accidentally spewed mist into Adam Bomb’s face and costing him a shot at entering the King of the Ring Tournament. This sets up today’s Adam Bomb vs. Kwang match.


Mabel w/ Oscar vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Mabel clowns Lawler on his way to the ring. Sharpe bounces off of Mabel a few times as Vince talks about Mabel possibly becoming the next King of the Ring. Mabel drops Sharpe and stays in control until he catches Sharpe with an uranage for the win (1:58). Lawler once again hints that Roddy Piper will be his guest on “King’s Court” this Monday night on RAW.

Thoughts: Not much to this other than Lawler making us believe he will have Piper appear on his King’s Court.


WWF Live Event News segment on the WrestleMania Revenge tour. We see a fan win a contest to bear the flag for Lex Luger and a brief clip of the Howard Finkel vs. Harvey Whippleman tuxedo match. They also plug the Marathon Tour, which features 60 marathon matches between Bret and Owen Hart. And I will recap the 7/9 Nassau Coliseum show, which is on fan-cam.


Nikolai Volkoff w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Derek Domino

Volkoff hits a few suplexes as DiBiase is pissed over Volkoff breaking cleanly. Vince then screams about Volkoff having to work for a boss he hates and a boss that constantly reminds him he’s better due to having more money. Volkoff gets more aggressive as the announcers now talk about DiBiase trying to acquire The Undertaker. Domino hammers away in the corner then DiBiase barks orders at Volkoff. Domino attacks from behind but Volkoff beats him down and hits a slam before using the Boston Crab for the win (2:32). DiBiase is still not happy despite the win but Vince said getting The Undertaker would make him happy. DiBiase then leaves as Volkoff hurries to catch up.

Thoughts: DiBiase is back to completely being upset with Volkoff this week but the real story with DiBiase is him vowing to acquire The Undertaker.


We now hear from Paul Bearer, who says DiBiase is lying about making contact with The Undertaker. In fact, not even he has seen him then says the trail on Undertaker has run cold.


Kwang vs. Adam Bomb

Whippleman is nowhere to be seen. Kwang tries to attack Bomb before the bell but Bomb fights back. They go back-and-forth and the action is decent but the crowd does not care one bit. The action now spills outside as Whippleman now comes down the aisle. Kwang now chokes out Bomb in the corner as the action returns to the ring. Bomb fights back then they trade punches until Kwang rakes the eyes. Kwang ducks his head for a back drop and gets kicked in the face. Whippleman seems upset as we get another slugfest ending with Bomb punching Kwang over the top rope. Whippleman tries to hold Kwang back then backs him up the aisle as he get counted out (3:06). *1/2. Bomb now heads up the aisle as we go to break.

Thoughts: The action was good for the time allotted but the finish was just terrible. Whippleman basically wanted his guys to stop fighting instead of being pissed at Bomb as he has been for the past couple of weeks.


Tatanka vs. Reno Riggins

The announcers hype up the Tatanka vs. Crush lumberjack match on RAW as Riggins’ sneak attack fails. Tatanka stays in control then Riggins jumps back into the corner as Lawler agrees with Owen Hart saying he should have a first-round bye. Tatanka catches Riggins with a powerslam but Riggins comes back with a mat slam. Riggins then hits a jumping back elbow smash then says he has new reservations about “beating up an Indian.” Vince apologizes for Riggins’ comments then lists off the lumberjacks as Tatanka fires up and runs wild until the Renegade Drop gets the win (2:49).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for the Lumberjack Match on RAW.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill is next. We did not learn anything new.


The special ring announcer this week is Ken “The Smooth One” Bevan. He is wearing a tie to go with his WrestleMania Revenge t-shirt. He then tries to announce like he is Howard Finkel. He’s a total goof but did not do a terrible job with the actual announcing.


Phil Apollo vs. “The Rocket” Owen Hart

Lawler says that Owen would make a fine king but Vince cannot imagine that being the case. Lawler then asks Vince if he could imagine Owen being the World Champion as Vince says anything can happen. Owen slaps Apollo as Vince lists off the Hall of Fame inductees this Thursday night. Owen roughs up Apollo in the corner as Vince now lists off all of the special guests at the ceremony. Owen then hits a missile dropkick and after that turns Apollo over for the Sharpshooter and the win (2:44). Owen attacks the leg after the match then puts the glasses on Apollo and snaps them off of his face.

Thoughts: Lots of focus on Owen and as to whether or not he can win the KotR Tournament. Vince was not sold on commentary though.


We see footage from last week’s “King’s Court” with Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Lawler attacking Bret Hart. Now, we hear from Diesel & Shawn as they tell Bret he just got a preview at King of the Ring while Shawn says he will be in Diesel’s corner to make sure the everything goes according to their plan. Bret is then shown saying he will have a family member in his corner to neutralize Shawn and tells Bret they will face each other one-on-one. Now we will wait and see who accompanies Bret to the ring.


The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. Tony Roy & Tim McNeany

Pierre immediately destroys McNeany as Vince plugs a bunch of house shows and TV tapings. The Quebecers continue to beat on McNeany while calling out The Headshrinkers then they hit the Boston Crab/flying leg drop combo for the win (1:41). Vince tells us next week we will see Yokozuna & Crush vs. Smoking Gunns but coming up soon we will hear DiBiase respond to Bearer’s comments earlier in the show.

Thoughts: The Quebecers kept calling out The Headshrinkers here so it appears they will get a rematch for the titles. We also learn of Yokozuna & Crush teaming before the PPV as they get the Gunns next week.


Another Live Event segment to plug the D-Day Challenge.


A plug for the Tatanka vs. Crush lumbejack match and the “King’s Court” with Lawler’s special guest who sounds an awful lot like Roddy Piper.


DiBiase now tells us that next week he will give us the Undertaker then says dead or alive, everyone has a price.


Thoughts: Most of the focus was on hyping up RAW and next week’s show. We saw Bearer return to say that DiBiase is full of shit and learned of Bret having a family member with him at the PPV, which is now just a few weeks away.