Who was the heel and face?

I know the focus of the fans’ anger was in the BS DQ finish, but the booking of the match itself really left me scratching my head before that.

In any match between Wrestler A and Wrestler B, if the following happened, you’d swear A was the heel and B was the face:

1. A uses every foreign object he can to pummel B
2. A hits his two finishers multiple times
3. B keeps kicking out, even at one, but can’t get up from the damage to defend himself
4. A tries an incredibly heinous move to incapacitate B for good
5. The ref wisely tries to stop A
6. A ignores the ref and hits B with the weapon anyway
7. The fans rally around B, even chanting his incredibly catchy catchphrase throughout the match.

I mean…WWE has an incredibly deep brain trust right now with Heyman, Prichard, and Bischoff. Didn’t anyone realize they were inadvertently making Wyatt a face and Rollins a heel with their actions?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a main event where the bookers so badly laid out a match. Unless they were trying to double-turn Rollins and Wyatt, none of that made sense. 

That was the least of the problems with the match, but yeah, it really came off as a double turn in a match where it wasn’t supposed to be a double turn.